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Places where you can buy FF7 **legally**

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Update - You can buy the 2012 FF7 rerelease at one of these links:

Steam (Recommended, no SecuROM)
North America (seriously, don't buy this version unless you like excessive DRM, install limits, and worse support. Get it on Steam instead)
Europe (same as above)


Okay, this is getting old, so to all new FF7 aficionados here on Qhimm, rather than trying to pirate a copy of FF7 only to end up with a difficult to mod/patch/get to work "Ultima edition", I've taken a few minutes out of my day to compile a list of places where you can buy FF7PC.

Although you can still find the PSX version of the game as a "Greatest Hits" PS1 game or via the playstation network, Squaresoft no longer distributes the game for PC, so the only way you can grab FF7PC is typically secondhand at places like the following:

Ebay (click the link, and I've already got an optimized search of 200 buy-it-now listings)
Amazon has some more reliable vendors, but the prices may be a little higher than on eBay. Just remember, you get what you pay for.
Magisterrex has a European version of the game for sale, if anyone's interested. I haven't personally confirmed that the mods here work with that version, but I don't see why they wouldn't.

Other versions that are confirmed to work with mods:
*Platinum Edition or "EA Ultimate Hits" version, characterized by a blue square box and blue discs.

Other versions that are unconfirmed to work with mods:
*International Edition, characterized by light blue discs, with an extra bonus disc.

Still unsure which version you have? Look here.

Keep an eye out for sources selling illegitimately made "boot-leg" copies of the game, however.

Don't bother looking for abandonware copies of the game, as until Square-enix disintegrates, the game isn't abandonware. Any website that claims it as such is just masking piracy. Also, try to stick to the classic triangle-case version with the trifold cardboard paper disc case inside. If you see the triangle case, you know you're getting the right one, others can be demos or international editions of the game that might not be compatible with the mods here.

Remember that as soon as you get a working copy of the original game (legally), it's a good idea to make a backup of your discs, as the original discs can be old and scratched and not have much time left in terms of functionality.

I'll post other sites that I deem trustworthy as I find them, but feel free to post a place that you've found a legit copy of FF7PC for sale, or post a listing if you want to sell yours.

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