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General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-10 16:37:21 »
It wouldn't hurt if the devs would have looked at the core of the story of FF7. You literally playing the Ragnarok epos and the chase around the after Sephiroth is a symbol for it (Fenrir chasing the moon). As it looks now you will stay in Midgar the whole first episode. And if you think about it, it's the easiest way to separate the game into episodes. I also dislike the new design of Sephiroth where his front hair doesn't look like the fang of a snake anymore. The gameplay will be fantastic as long as I don't hear 'Activate Combat Mode'  when a fight starts. The presentation will also be amazing. But I doubt that they will keep the intelligence of the story, which the original game has. From all the recent SE games I played I expect a silly black and white story where Sephiroth is just evil with no hints that he is the poor product of a science which has no ethic responsibility. Reflecting the political perversion through the big companies in our world or what we are doing to our world will also not be important anymore, because the emotions of the actors and how to set them into the scene are way more important.

Get me right, my fear is that they serve to us the same boring story telling quality which all the recent FF games do have.

Barret with sunglasses in a mostly dark city. ::)

General Discussion / Re: Did I miss any Major Mods?
« on: 2019-05-31 09:21:26 »
ChaOS has no chibis, Tsunamix had just a bad choice of words.

7H is designed to deal with any new tool. R06 is mostly an advanced options of the direct mod which 7H can handle pretty well. So it should work. But of course with no tests no one can say for sure. Even if 7H and the new modmanager do not work together, we can use 7H only without to use the new one. The reunion comes with vital improvements for the game so there's actually no options to not use it.

The converter has one single purpose. To patch all game versions to be able to use the English FF7.exe and it's file system. Though, wouldn't have implemented Aali's driver into it by default. It would have been better if you had to place the recent version of the driver into a folder for it and the GC would have install it from this source. I think the big problem is that the GC does do too much automatically and people just don't know why and what they actually install. Be it as it is, since R06 is coming there no point into updating the GC anymore.


What do y’all use (and in what configuration) for scanlines or a dot mask in combination with the upscaled backgrounds (remako/satsuki’s/manakaiser’s)? Seems like an excellent combination indeed!
I only know of Reshade’s scanline option; i have no idea where to find a dot mask, searched mds7_w2 for clues but didn’t find anything.


Sadly I could play the game with dotmask only on epsexe with Pete's opengl plugin. For pc I haven't seen this feature.

both need scanline effect and they'll look great.  Which is what I do.

A dotmask is much better. :P

The mask in mds7_w2 is messed up and parts lattice fence are not correctly visible when a 3D object is behind it.

FF7 Tools / Re: IroNite - .iro packer and unpacker
« on: 2019-05-28 11:49:54 »
I found a proper name for the tool IroNite (
and fixed the issue with the spaces. The tool comes now as an exe (just a silly bat to exe conversion), but its for 64bit windows systems. With 32bit my virus scanner nukes it when built. While it shouldn't harm anything, I don't want people to complain about a false(?) positive.


I made the nointro versions of the two alternate versions of cephiros.

This comes with the iro packer bat, so you need to run it and built the iro if you want to use it for 7H (well actually you could grab the folder in unpacked and copy it in your 7H mod folder). The mod has a config if you want to choose different versions of a song.

Sexy! Now FFVII meets FFVIII!

I'll make an iro mod of it for 7H. I'll upload it with my iro packer so you can easily add new files or make options for alternated versions.

For the planets chosen one I would prefer a more natural chorus like in that version:
Though, it sounds already pretty good. I can hear that your skills develops with every new track.

There is no need for a backup because the reunion doesn't have these files.

Yes you should look what's going on on discord. Quantumpencil is working on a tool which also allows new battle animations for the characters.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2019-05-13 08:19:55 »
Found 2 other bug:

With your flevel the ancient's key in dio showroom is a save "?" icon (the model used in flevel is not the good one)
With your models i can't get the dialogs to show up in this game's part (dialogs are ok with the same flevel and with regular models, if i edit the char.lgp to put regular models for this field, the dialogs show again but i cant spot out why):

So if you have any solution for those dialogs ^^
Thanks !

Not sure what is causing the bug in the temple but someone has reported it a while ago in connection with NT.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
« on: 2019-05-13 08:16:17 »
I'm personally still in the "I don't give a crap about the battle system" train. I want the story to remain fully untouched. 100% the same as the original. If the battles system is different, I don't care. Plenty of games use the ATB system, it's not something I'll cry about but if the story is changed, if parts are removed/added... then I'm gonna be pissed off.

As close as possible would be the best. The story has a strong base but technically it has many plot holes, isn't logical in some places and sometimes there could be more information and explanation (like the relationship between Tseng and Aerith and way he hasn't captured her when she was young). The big thing of to be a Soldier is also only important at the beginning, the rest of the game doesn't even care about Soldier or Cloud's Soldier-dress. But with my experience of the games from Nomura and Kitase I have high doubts that something really intelligent will be presented to us. I still think that the happenings of the first CD will be happened in Midgar only. Maybe there will be some location swaps like in CC, but I don't believe that we get to see a real WM like in the original. But my hope is still not lost at all.
Regarding the battle system: I can live with ARPG system or with an ATB system. However, I hope we don't get a single action button smasher game a la KH. I also think that an ARPG will put the game in direct competition with God of WAR, Spiderman, etc, while a refined ATB system would make the game unique and more outstanding from the rest of the current game generation. Divinity Original Sins has proven that it doesn't need fast actions for a good game.

FFVII isn't perfect and that's the only reason why moding the game makes sense to me, unlike FFIX which is perfect in my opinion (on PSX at last. For the PC port they could have overhauled every character at last and not only a handful. Same with FFX).

PS MGS3 had a theater mode where you could see the vids with Snake from MGS1 and it was pretty cool. A fun mod with the original chibi models might look awkward but I  guarantee you that this mod will be one of the most famous mods. Mostly because many wants a nostalgic kick.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
« on: 2019-05-12 08:53:53 »
There eventually being mods available for the remake doesn't make me any happier, regardless of how easy or difficult it will be to mod this remake.
Though, it would be funny to replace the models with the original chibi models. Probably the best mod ever for the remake.

Steam has its own controller mapper DS4 isn't needed if you lunch the game through Steam

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
« on: 2019-05-11 01:58:37 »
It uses Unreal Engine 4 so tools should be there. But it's not trivial to switch an action game to a turnbased game. I mean a lot of people is working on the balancing. For a turnbased mode you have to re-balance the whole thing. But it might be that they give us tools to modify the game, as they had tried it for FF XV.

General Discussion / Limit Brake - A gameplay overhaul
« on: 2019-05-04 19:58:46 »
I just have to write down my ideas on how to re-balance the game without to break the actual feeling of it. The main part of my idea is to work out a MP charge system. With this system you will generate MP over time in battle. The materia will have an heavy impact to said system, be its generation speed, max MP or start MP.
I had this idea long time ago but didn't thought that it is feasible but with the development of Sister Ray I think it could be done. I will write down in future what I think this mod needs like a rework of the limit system or making a few characters more special. Red XIII as example won't be able to use materia but I would lock enemyskills on him (and only him) so he would come with his own system. Though I'm unsure of how I deal with Cait Sith, because he doesn't really fit into my explanation of the new MP system (stress will activate it but he's a robot) so either I write him out and replace him (lots of options) or he gets his own system as Red.

But the meaning is: no matter how long you live in the slums, you won't get enough money for a good life. In other words it's a bad place to get rich.

The files doesn't go into the flevel.lgp. it needs the texture replacement of Aali's DLL, hence why there is a recommendation for the Steam game to downgrade it.

I looked on Crisis Core and there Sephiroth does sound more like "He, he, he,...", but looking on other games translations there does lough even the great Fou-Lu with "Ha,ha... ha, ha,ha,". Things would be easier, if the font would allow cursive characters just to indicate a connection between Sephiroth and Cloud.
Sure it's a shame that this can't be transported into the English translation, it is on the other hand not a huge lost since there enough other obvious connections.

The bib sound is normal and indicates that the mod is working.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2019-04-28 10:08:53 »
Know I remember, I replaced the infantry models with the armed versions of them and fixed the disappearance bug of one of the infantry by editing the script.

General Discussion / Re: [FF8PC-00] Anything out there?
« on: 2019-04-27 09:55:12 »
It does matter because directx9 has a lot of texture injectors already and Omzy seems to know how those injectors do work. And since Aali hasn't added support for external textures and hadn't released the source code for a long time the people decided to go with the lesser complicated way.

Though, Maki is working on an Open FFVIII which rebuilds the engine of the game (I pretty sure when this thing is done SE will use it to port FFVIII to PS5, Switch and the other minor devices).

General Discussion / Re: [FF8PC-00] Anything out there?
« on: 2019-04-26 19:19:12 »
No directX9.

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