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Kickstarting Final Fantasy X Modding

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--- Quote from: nex86 on 2021-10-17 09:46:36 ---I wanted to share one more mod that might be interesting for some people.
Theres someone creating freecam mods and he also made one for ffx, I think its pretty cool.

Here check this out:

--- End quote ---
  This is pretty damn cool , wonder if that's just for the opening cinematic or you can use that in game?. I would love ffx mods on here its always perplexed me as to why it stops at 9, it is a great game...probably imho the last 'great' ff. its a pain in the ass having to go to nexus. Yes there accessible but  you don't get the experience like you do on here, where you can talk to other like minded people.

you can toggle the freecam anywhere, even 2D maps where the background stays where it is and only 3D objects are moving.


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