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The reason why I know about that site is because it's the first thing that comes out in a google search of "ff7 mods". Which is why a lot of people would stumble across that site.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-07-20 02:55:37 »
I believe the Enemy Skill menu behaves the same way as the Summon menu, as described above.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-07-20 00:10:38 »
I'm just curious... won't it make more sense to test out StrayOff's save with his patched ff7.exe?

So are you going to post the batch file :)? I actually prefer something that I can open up with a text editor to see what a mod or mod compilation is changing.

Team Avalanche / Re: Where's Cloud?
« on: 2011-07-19 20:14:36 »
Bloodshot's models (field and battle) on this thread. Note that for the battle model, Tifa, some MPs, enemy SOLDIERS are also changed.

Team Avalanche / Re: Where's Cloud?
« on: 2011-07-19 18:04:58 »
I remember there's apz's Cloud (now out of reach  :P) and also Bloodshot's Cloud battle models. Not sure which one you are referring to.

Edit: Oops, those are not TA work. My apologies.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 issues (Minigame, reg)
« on: 2011-07-19 17:52:15 »
I would turn Async flip off.

Did you change V-Sync to on in ff7_opengl.cfg?

So soft reset just restarts the game without going back to the OS? Like you press it, and it starts from the chocobo intro start away?

I wonder if it's possible to make a trainer to do that, like how the trainer enabled the loading-while-in-game feature

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 issues (Minigame, reg)
« on: 2011-07-19 16:25:45 »
I'm not too familiar with Intel graphics driver unfortunately.

Some googling did lead me to believe that you need  to change a certain setting: Graphics Control Panel -> 3D Graphics

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 issues (Minigame, reg)
« on: 2011-07-19 06:10:50 »
Code: [Select]
GLITCH: Vsync seems to be forced ON, minigame framelimiter will not work
^ This might be the problem. Make sure your ATI/Nvidia driver's V-Sync is set to something like "Use the 3D Application setting" and not "Force on". And make sure that ff7_opengl.cfg in your game directory has the options below checked:
Code: [Select]
# check your driver settings if this option doesn't seem to work
enable_vsync = yes

# limit snowboard, coaster and highway minigames to refresh rate / 2, i.e. 30fps for a 60hz display mode
# vsync must be enabled and working for this to have any effect
minigame_framelimiter = on

For the movie settings in W7 64-bit, the registry is located here
Code: [Select]
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII

What exactly is soft reset? I googled a bit and everyone said that soft reset does not exist for PC version.

Oops, missed out the part about you using joypad... No idea about those, sorry...

Hmmm, but it still reminds of MGS....  :P

From where I came from, MGS stands for Methodist Girl School  ;D.

Anyway, good job guys, can't wait for the new field backgrounds in game.

The installer will work fine on 32-bit systems, but since 64-bit systems have a slightly different path name (i.e. instead of "Program Files" we have "Program Files (x86)"). Anyway, to make things short, go to Program Files, there will be a similar folder hierarchy (you know, the Square > FF7 etc..). There you'll the prp folder in which there are 00.lgp and 01.lgp

Rename 00.lgp to char.lgp, and rename 01.lgp to world_us.lgp (instruction taken from Weemus' post)

The original files are located under data > field and data > wm in your correct installation directory. Back up those files first (in case something happens and you have to revert), then copy it over. Run ff7.exe as usual. It worked for me.

Edit: Regarding the Remix, if you have the time, I would recommend installing the mods one by one. For one, some mods included in the Remix is outdated, so if you want to get some of the newer stuff you still have to install those. Secondly, it's easier to find out what goes wrong while modding, because you install everything by hand instead of getting all the files modified by the Remix installer. Third of all, there might be a few bugs in the Remix (as far as I heard). That being said, the Remix is very very convenient and you don't need to get your hands dirty with all the different ways to modify files. 

If you are using Vista/Windows 7 (I'm using W7 myself) you need to run the mod as administrator, or else it won't work at all.

If it works, when you first press Ctrl + L, you will call up the menu, the second time you press Ctrl + L, you will call up the load menu. Note that at the load menu, you're unable to go back to the game and you'll have to either load a saved game or quit (as far as I can see). 

General Discussion / Re: Lets Play: FF7 Hardcore
« on: 2011-07-18 14:42:26 »
Im going to do a lets play of GjoeRulvs FF7 hardcore. Im going to also use all the mods from here in my videos.

I need to know a good video convertor to reduce the massive size of FRAPS avi's to a more reasonable level with little loss of detail. For 20 mins im thinking of around 1 gig. What do you suggest? Also what should I use to record audio over the file?(Commentary)

Also I need suggestions on how to alter my playing style to highlight the new tactics involved because I just always followed my old tactics of power-level, spam hero drink/megalixer, etc lol.

For a video convertor/editor, I use avidemux. For a 3 minute video, the size is 118MB with 720p resolution. Here's a sample of what it looks like on youtube. I don't have any preference for audio commentary, as long as you use it more or less sparingly... actually I prefer the textboxes.

Hehe... you need more strategy with gjoerulv's mod... I think it might have to do with me being a dumb dumb, but once in a while I have to stop and think, "What did I do wrong here? Why am I getting my ass kicked by a regular mob". But there's always at least a way to get around.

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-07-18 09:28:29 »
Ok, I thought you only get flagged as "escape" when you get hit by a needle.

Thanks for clarifying that bit.

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-07-18 07:29:05 »
I tried replicating it and it happened again (I even cleared my caches just in case). But that's not my main concern. My main concern is that when there's only one character left in the party (whereas the others have been "needled" away) and that character dies, I get a game-over screen. I've uploaded the video on mediafire here.

As an aside: are you talking about the kernel.bin's attack data format when you mentioned the "3rd byte"? So toggling that byte turns on/off whether a character flinches from a hit?

Releases / Re: [Release] gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod. v1.0.4
« on: 2011-07-17 15:46:07 »
I have another question... what exactly does Needle do (cast by Vargid Police)? Does it paralyze, petrify, or simply kick a PC out of battle?

I'm seeing some weird stuff with this skill (see screenshots below): Cloud and Aeris' weapon seem to disappear. Their names disappear. Cloud remains in the battle scene, although he's not a viable target anymore; whereas Aeris just get kicked out of a battle. When Tifa gets killed, I get a game-over screen...

Solved Problems / Re: FF7 Major Bug with Boss Fights
« on: 2011-07-17 15:30:06 »
Given that Aali's and Team Avalanche's modification do not touch kernel.bin and scene.bin, I would say the problem might have been caused by the Remix...

Sorry, I'm a bit confused about what you are saying...

I was asking philman whether modifying battle.lgp with his files showed increased performance in latest Aali's driver compared to just using the .png. He replied that he has seen no difference in performance when using both.

And you are saying that using philman's for-lgp files increased your performance? What is it that you don't recommend - modifying battle.lgp or using .png files?

yep, i would no longer recommend this
not sure why but acts differently with .11

Oh, how so? Mind explaining?

Troubleshooting / Re: [UNRESOLVED] No sound at all on FF7
« on: 2011-07-17 01:09:57 »
Well one thing you can try is to install the latest Aali's custom driver, version 0.7.11b

Regarding the FF7Music (with the installer), you probably have to start FF7 through .\FF7Music\FF7Music.exe and .\FF7Music\launchff7.exe to have music. You might want to run the FF7Music.exe first to configure/confirm your plugins and profile.

That being said, I'm not exactly sure why there is no sound. Is it just the cutscene or the other sound effects as well?

Troubleshooting / Re: Serious graphic issue... please help
« on: 2011-07-16 22:25:29 »
To OP: For more information, please refer to this stickied post in Troubleshooting

this need a tutorial because can be huge.(i will prepare and post here later)

The new graphics driver works great for me so i think don't make sense continue converting .png to work in battle.lgp when battle scenes be continued.That's why i will prepare a tutorial for users later,just give me some time.

Cool. So you mean you don't experience slowdown with .png with the latest Aali's custom driver?

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