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I basically want to create a no encounters Materia. But after looking in the kernel I realise that both enemy away and enemy lure use the same code. There are only two differences: one uses one stat-change (enemy away gives Luck+1), while the other uses another (enemy away gives Luck+2); and there is the other obvious difference of the ID they use. I am not sure how the game knows what to do with the Materia.

So instead I decided to just take the enemy away Materia and improve its functionality. A Level1 enemy away Materia has a value of 7, while a Level2 enemy away Materia has a value of 14.

However I have tried increasing this value to 254, 15, and 16... and nothing seems to make it work noticeably any better.

So what I want to know is: Is there a way to remove enemy encounters without having to edit all the field files. If not, is there a way to make enemy away more effective to remove a larger number of encounters. Any help would be appreciated.

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