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I have been playing through your mod and encountered a bug with the aberrant monsters quest.

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In Esthar, after defeating the special summoned Behemoth with the Blaze Spikes, it does not drop its aberrant key. Initially I thought that maybe I had ruined it by mugging, but even after reloading and killing again I did not get the item. I have killed it in two different pre-summon formations, too. Here is a clip of Behemoth not dropping the key

I am playing on version is 1.5.5 and I could upload my savefile somewhere if you would like to check it. Luckily I kept a backup before killing the Behemoth. I also had killed all three other key monsters before Behemoth. That being said, I already solved the problem for myself by using a save editor and adding in the third Aberrant Key into my inventory, so my playthrough is doing ok.

Before I forget, I found two other bugs involving Renzokuken's finisher with the Stop proc. The first one was Fujin's AI breaking when I got the final hit on her at the same time I inflicted Stop. Her AI stopped working and she never said the line to end the fight, even after Stop ended. I tried to restart her AI by healing and killing again, but I was just soft locked on an endless fight.  The second bug involved a Stopped Elnoyle which froze the game after being hit by Renzokuken. I assume the game was trying to put the model back in place after the special animation should have knocked it down but couldn't because he was already stopped middair or something like that.

That being said, I have been playing through the entire FF series, with a lot of modded games on the way, and your mod has been by far my favorite so far. FFVIII has fantastic mechanics and a really tense and intense ATB system which combined with your creativity just resulted in absolutely fantastic fights. I fell in love with the mod the moment I saw Ifrit use his special thing and my opinion of it hasn't changed at all since. Good job!

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