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Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2021-05-11 18:10:05 »
Surely there is someone, (Pbirdman, Fuzzy), that could make use of the tools memory mining ability, as well as perhaps cheat engine, to figure out corresponding Game Data files that store said information? if we can data mine the actual game files, and compile/edit/translate THOSE, that would be the god key to modding the game, period.

*EDIT* Using the VBFbrowser tool, the files directories that contain all battle mechanics files can be unpacked and extracted, as well as injected. Here are some screenshots:

^^ Seems to contain a lot of animation and texture data, but also text data regarding various battle data strings


^^ Contains meta data for battle mechanics regarding enemy abilities, stats, AI, and action animations/VFX. It also contains data for npcs outside of battle it looks like.


^^ What appears to be the battle data regarding an enemy monster (fiend), whatever "m001" correlates too, I do not know yet. But surely, with this, and tools like Ronso and Cheat Engine, we can determine which hex values of active memory belong to which parent data files? Then all we need is to convert tools like Ronso and FFXED that, instead of reading RAM values, can read/write to those data files, correct?

I was hoping I could find a few resources. I'm looking for a list of CIL methods with definitions. For example, I found in this thread that "CalcSub_203" is the CIL method for "Physical Strike". I'd like to know what the other definitions are for the rest of the "CalcSub".

Couple things that would be handy:
The ability to import/export lists of new CIL methods for a specific CIL class. For example:

If I had a file that contained a list of Customized CIL methods ("SubCalc_100" through "SubCalc_525") for "btl_calc", I could upload that as a sub mod that could be imported by HW.

FF9 Tools / Path of Souls - by Chronoslither
« on: 2016-04-16 16:49:32 »        <<  the link to the demo video                << link to the mod and changes

I would Love for this mod to be applied to all four disks. but i have no idea how to do this, althought i know how to use the workshop, i feel its impossible to note or write down all of the disk one changes, and then try to apply them manually 1 by 1 to the other disks. and i couldnt apply the same patch to the other disks, that doesnt work.

ignore my last post, Tirlititi is already working on it!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO

FF9 Tools / FF9 PC version Released on STEAM
« on: 2016-04-16 16:13:18 »
There has been a release for ff9 on steam for the pc. Could Hades Workshop be adapted for it? or at the least, a tool exactly like it that can do the same things?

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