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Looking For a Specific Line of Text in the FF7 (PSX) Files

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In the Battle Square's Arena, there is a menu that pops up after each battle asking if I want to "Keep goin'?"
I can't seem to find the text anywhere and I haven't seen anyone post as to where it is in the files.
Again, the menu says:
"Keep goin'?
 Off course!    No, way!"

I'd just like to know where it is and if it requires any special program to edit. Thanks in advance! :)

It's in the executable, along with many other strings related to battle arena. It's an FF7 Encoded string. This specific text starts at offset 0x51D589 in the english Steam version of the executable:

There are some tools that help you edit the text in the executable, touphScript is one of them.

Thanks for the reply, but I'm talking about the PS1 ROM (Like .bin and .cue. I don't have a .iso file, though), and I don't have any .exe or PC FF7 to use touphScript.
I tried looking within the KERNEL and SCENE BIN files but couldn't find the line. Sorry :-\

Oh, my bad. There does exist a similar tool for PSX, though. Here it is:

Sick! Thanks for the help. I didn't even know this program could do this, I just thought it was another basic text editor.
Good stuff. Once again, thanks!  :D


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