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Game only plays Midi music



I recently installed 7th Heaven and the FFNx driver. The game only wants to play Midi tracks even though the ogg files are in their folders. How do I get around this? The mods I am using are Satsuki V5 pack and NT 2.0.

On a side note, is there no alternative for 60 fps battle menus? Everything worked like a charm last time I modded the game...  :(


Check game driver settings -> advanced, and make sure music is set to VGMStream instead of original MIDI. Hope that helps!

As for 60FPS battles, it is currently not available, no. But it's being worked on, so keep an eye out for it!

Thanks Amy but it is already enabled. Honestly, I'm gonna scrap this play through as I find it to not be enjoyable with laggy battle menus. Really regretting deleting my old mods as I can't find old 7th heaven pre 2.0. FFNx is not worth it until a 60 fps patch it comes out, which by the looks of things will never come out.

I'll just have to wait till Death gets back from his holiday to get my FF7 fix.  :-D


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