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Hello All!

Welcome to Stiltzkin's Bag 1.0 !
I adore Hades Workshop by Tirlititi, but I noticed several missing features. Always best to do the work for yourself right?

This tool requires you have Moguri installed to use.

~~ Randomize Item Shop Items ~~
~~ Randomize Sythesis Items ~~
~~ Randomize Character Base stats ~~
~~ Randomize Character Starting Equipment ~~
~~ Randomize Ability Gems costs ~~

~~ Seed functions - share or race with friends using exact same randomized settings ~~
~~ No spoilers - no preview of changes  :P ~~
~~ Auto Locate FF9 for the lazy, i mean classy :P ~~
~~ debug string in case you ever need help ~~
~~ Style  8) ~~[/size]

Features Planned

~~ option to use existing files in output, currently only possible from stock data within program  ~~
In game Previews of tool in action!

Download Link

Welp, I -had- free time.

Jokes aside, I'm super excited to try this out!

ooooh new toy thank you very much will try soon ;D

Nice work :)
It's been 5 days that I'm wondering... Are you Mîкє? Because I have been contacted by him a few days ago and he told me about a Randomizer tool that he was planning to do. However, it's not your Steam account and moreover the features he's planning to do are a bit different than yours / your plans.

But then, I was thinking that "2 people working on a new FF9 randomizer at the same time" was too improbable, so the suspense is bugging me a lot ^^"

So after playing with it a bit, this is pretty great! I didn't even think that giving someone else a claw weapon would just give them the severed hand of Amarant. I hope this gets updated more. A couple features I would like to see (but don't know if possible or complications as I don't know much about 9 modding) would be:

Having the abilities on equipment be randomized (like having Oak Staff teach Millionaire and Odin)
Randomize items on the field (maybe have a safety option for finding Stellazzio)
Randomized boss item steals possibly with randomized rarity so you could end up having a potion be the .39% steal on Hilgigars

That's just with items though. I'd like to have stuff like randomized enemies as well, but since this seems to mostly deal with items it might not be a thing with this mod lol. Though I do highly suggest veterans give this mod a try. It can definitely be tricky trying to get all the abilities for everyone. Though you could also get crazy lucky like I did and get Steiner starting with Excalibur lol.


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