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Hello, it's been a while!

Remember that thread with a C# FF9 viewer I never released? Well, 15 years later, I've finally ported the code to a Blender 4.x add-on:

Note that it is in the exact same state it was back then. That is, support for battle and party models is fine, but field and overworld models will import textureless and with haphazardly matched animations, and spell/summons aren't supported at all.

Over the years there have been other options for viewing FF9 models, but hopefully this can be of use to some people.

Version 0.2 is now available, now with field and map models texture support based on tasior2's informations!

Awesome! Good luck with that!

Thank you very much! I'm only now catching up on the work you've done on FF9 and it's insanely impressive


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