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[PSX] Image file extractor and related tools (2008-01-06)

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Hello all!
I am working on Final Fantasy IX content and data formats.
I already wrote two utilities that might interest you:
FF9 image file extractor and DB extractor (utility to split some FF9 files to separate data chunks)

If you want to use this tool, I strongly recommend to copy ff9.img file to your hard drive, because sometimes file cann't be read correctly from CD. If file cann't be copied directly - use special CD image software such as IsoBuster etc.

FF9_img_extractor.exe <full path to ff9.img> <path to out dir>

This utility splits many files from 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 dirs, created by FF9_img_extractor, to the parts, which they consist of.

DB_Extract.exe <path to file contain 0xDB in begin>

Battle scene viewer:

The battle scenes located in 6th dir.
Don`t open other files by this utility.

Awesome work zidane! I'm glad to see people working on one of my favourite FF games, it's strange seeing the string 'File written by Photoshop' in some of the files :-P

I can't belive some of the battle scenes had so much detail, like the stairs in file 0 of directory 6, it adds a nice touch.

I redownload img and db extractors to:

And upload new version of the "battle scene viewer":

In new version i fix old bug with textures :)))

Archive contain old and new versions and 2 files for example.

Thanks for re-upping those, Zidane!  :-D


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