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General Discussion / FF1 & 2 For GBA
« on: 2004-05-12 20:07:21 »
Final Fantasy I & II Advance:  July 2004

Final Fantasy I and II were originally released in 1987 and 1988 on the Famicom (called the NES in the US). This will be the second time that the two titles will be compiled into a single cartridge; Square also did it back on the Famicom in 1994. The new GBA version will come with upgraded graphics and the ability to save anywhere in the game. Other changes that are known is that magic can now be cast by consuming magic points instead of using limited magic stocks.

Both games also come with new additions that weren't present in their original Famicom releases. Final Fantasy I will have a new dungeon called the "Soul of Chaos", where you uncover new items such as the Ultima Weapon, and fight against historical bosses in the Final Fantasy series, like the ghost train from FF VI. Final Fantasy II will have an extra story line named the "Soul of Rebirth", where you get to play as four of the NPC scenario characters (Ming-Wu, Scott, Joseph, Richard) who die in the game's main story.

By Hirohiko Niizumi

General Discussion / FFVII Mini-Game Records
« on: 2004-05-09 22:15:43 »
If you like to post your records (Post Here):  


Snow Board:



PS - I need help with Speed Arena :(

General Discussion / Mognet (FF IX - Spoilers)
« on: 2003-02-04 23:54:19 »
Talking to Mosh will tell you how many letters you delivered.
What is the max??? I had 27.

Archive / ChocoboWorld (PC)
« on: 2002-11-29 20:24:54 »
Good Afternoon,
When I play ChocoboWorld for PC I used to hear Chocobo Theme (midi),
but I can't hear it anymore (any suggestions)???

(tsk) Could it be a bug from soundfonts???

General Discussion / Question & Pierre de Fermat
« on: 2002-07-19 05:02:43 »
Hi Qhimm,
I was wondering~ is Griever supporting Japanese (PSX) saved-games as well?

Now about Pierre de Fermat!!!
Hey he is Franch ^^
Indeed about he is one of a great mathmatician... Man I'm so done with math...

Archive / Very Good News (Final Fantasy 7 XP Patch!!!)
« on: 2002-07-10 04:34:20 »
Well you don't have to apply for 2 or 3+ patches for Final Fantasy 7 (under XP OS)... WOOOOOAAA here is the link ENJOY!!!
Sick of Final Fantasy crashing when using XP?
Want to be able to use 4X Antialiasing on your new GeForce4 MX?
Enhances the music not only of Final Fantasy VII, but also Divi-Dead and Fatal Relations!
Then this is the solution to all your problems, Final Fantasy 7 XP!

"I hope it works for your computer... " FF7 ROCKS baby~~

Archive / Final Fantasy VII "Editor" Be Neat!!!
« on: 2002-03-08 03:38:00 »
Hi ^^ After completing Final Fantasy 6 I GOT HOOKED!!!
Well, Final Fantasy 7 Rocks!!! Since, I'm neat person... everything have to be perfect~ But a little glitch is "SPEED" in Gold Saucer.  I tried various editors, but is there any editor that I could edit Gold Saucer "SPEED" plus more... I have very hard time to pass over 5000 points since, KEYPAD drive me crazy.  (No, Hex-Edit plzzz)!!! A little help might be nice... suggestions are welcome! THX MUCH...

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