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FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.11.2)
« on: 2020-11-26 12:24:21 »
I think it supports all three not sure check the first page myst has some info there.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.11.2)
« on: 2020-11-25 21:35:23 »
For those of you with issues using hyne in not french

I have uploaded a new zip for windows that now contains the translations to the release.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] World Map Stuff
« on: 2020-11-23 00:17:37 »
I don't see any links to download anything here .. Not sure releases is the correct place for this.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2020-11-18 17:39:14 »
Congratulations, Welcome to the hood. The fatherhood of course.

This release has not been moved over to CMake ?

TLDR: FF7 does alot of weird things this is one of them.

Cait Sith and Vincent share their character save slots with Young Cloud and Sephiroth. When you open Black Chocobo it opens with the default save  that is used when you start a new game in this save Young Cloud and Sephiroth are in place waiting for the flash back since that happens long before you get Cait or Vincent.

Great to see this released as GPL!

I've added some better UI for the location saving.  Use the continuous version about should say version 1.10.4 + for this feature.

When on the location Tab the current save location will be in the list bold and italic. (md1stin in the image)

When you select any other entry you will see a button saying "Set as current Location" that will set the location to the save location the text for the previous location will be reset and this items text will be bold and italics. The button will also be hidden.

Hopefully this resolves the UI  Issues around the save locations

I'm not sure where 7th Heaven pushes its saves. The only metadata.xml i know of is in your steam folder.

Yes i agree getting the wiki fixed and updated would be helpful.

I don't like how nexusmods forces an account to download.
For my tools anything not directly pointing to github / sourceforge  will be almost instantly out date.

 @kennethJames4444: Yeah sorry about the rough UI in that spot. I'm not sure how to handle this better. As you may have noticed the Location tab does a bit more then just set your save location. If anyone has some ideas about how to improve this let me know.

7th Heaven / Re: 7th Heaven and macOS
« on: 2020-08-22 12:47:44 »
Thanks unab0mb for illustrating my point.

 "7H uses pretty standard stuff for the most part, some basic Windows APIs that should work fine on various emulators, and I would think by now the .NET Framework should be emulated well. "

.NET does not work well on non windows by design.Honestly you would be better off using python to write 7H then .NET if your goal was portability.

7th Heaven / Re: 7th Heaven and macOS
« on: 2020-07-29 12:59:16 »
that's an odd and extremely unhelpful (and IMO, untrue) statement
its more like people here wish they could help but can't because they don't use macOS

Its Very true, Look at what tools are released for Mac OS from here. I'm Literally the only person here who ever builds things for It. I don't even use Mac OS or Windows for that matter. I make sure to go out of my way so that my tools and those I work on are available for all to use no matter your OS. Its not they they have good intentions but don't use Mac its they code with MS offerings and guess what they don't work outside windows correctly then try they try to justify it by saying things like oh the game is for windows.

7th Heaven / Re: 7th Heaven and macOS
« on: 2020-07-27 19:33:41 »
Very few people here care if their application works your OS.

<edit> Looked at the wrong branch </edit>

Nice to see work continue on this!

Releases / Re: Dual-Font UI
« on: 2020-07-11 12:37:23 »
A Screenshot might be helpful here.

Lets try this tell me about your system so im not just guessing on what might be.

Please post the output of these commands
lshw -C VIDEO
uname -a
wine --version
glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"

If your card does not support the right OpenGL version changing the compatibility mode is not going to help you at all.

I'm playing FF7 via wine for a very long time and have not had a problem with FFNx using openGL or Vulkan  (yeah its a bit slow) your card might need to be updated to one that supported a newer copy of openGL . im not sure what version our openGL is targeting.

you do not need any extra packages installed and i would recommend making a wine prefix just for ff7. I have not tried to run using Dx9 or 11 since wine is just going to translate them to openGL calls anyway.

For you next card i would suggest trying to avoid nVidia for linux AMD has much better drivers then nVidia does for linux, The architecture for AMDGPU should be emulated by every vendor that wants to have a proprietary driver for Linux.

@trueOdin seams bgfx supports both OGL 2.1 or OGL 3.1+ so we might need to add an option that forces the loading of the OGL 2.1 backend?

not sure where you can find the document online so i have uploaded a copy for sharing

Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2020-06-18 18:03:23 »
You have a password used here right?
You type things between your machine and the server?

Currently its all plain text.. Its not very hard to setup  a MiTm and capture packets so its in everyone best interest for all sites to be encrypted.
This can happen at any node between your machine and this server. 

It costs nothing to get a cert from

@Obesebear Yeah I heard I'm very excited to start adding the things i have scattered about .

Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2020-06-18 12:12:59 »
Who cares about a theme we need more important things.
1. Https
2. Fixed Wiki
3. Next Cloud instance.

FYI i was responding to this.
Btw your links both are talking about GPL2 not GPL3.. the pdf came out in 2006 and the GPL3 was released in 2007 And FFMpeg specifically says GPL 2.1. None of it applies to GPL3.
Important.  Please read.
The GPL license, included with the OpenGL "aali.dll" source code, should be seen for what it is:  A nasty, spiteful, little document that goes well beyond ensuring fair play and encouraging collaboration within open projects and, instead, encourages draconian laws and punishments, while giving the jobsworth types a jackboot to wear.

Any document as long as that "license" should be seen for the snake it is - It also gives very vindictive people a weapon to use in order to force programmers into releasing all their hard work to the public - whether they want to or not.  This has already been attempted in regards to The Reunion.

A member of, quantumpencil threatened legal action if 2 external calls to Aali.dll from ddraw.dll were not removed.  If this wasn't done, he demanded that my own code source (ddraw.dll - written entirely in Borland Delphi) be turned over.  GPL was used as a political football to get at my own hard work, which is a completely separate executable and entity to aali.dll.  The moderators of felt they couldn't take the risk that this lunatic was being serious and so forced The Reunion mod offline until the "offending" code was removed and the full source for aali.dll be made public (something I've never been against - since it's 95% other people's work).    Indeed, the fork that quantumpencil uses is based on a build of Aali's Opengl DLL by Luksy, with fixes by myself and Maki.  I supplied this to quantumpencil openly and he and True Odin agreed to help improve the code and work with The Reunion.  Within a week, they had reneged on this agreement and created their own fork.  We now have more confusion and division than ever.  There is no legal precedent that a closed source program that calls external functions from an open source program must also be open source.  The fact that the GPL community is openly debating it should tell you something.
chapter 3.4
In  short,  the  debate  over  static  and  dynamic  linking  simply  misses  the  mark.  As  we shall  see  in  our  next  example,  using  inter-module  communication  as  the  basis  for  a derivative work analysis will lead frequently to counter-intuitive and nonsensical results.
it is not clear whether an executable that dynamically links to a GPL code should be considered a derivative work (see Weak Copyleft). The free/open-source software community is split on this issue.

the vindictive person in question got his way after a kangaroo court trial on Qhimm's Discord channel, and so I've now removed the 2 completely legal function calls and supplied the full source for aali.dll.  It's almost entirely useless to anyone other than myself and a much better fork (ffxn - based on the build I supplied to quantumpencil and True Odin) is in progress.  I'll be modifying that code, in time, to merge it with The Reunion.\line\line I always acknowledge people's contributions.  I work tirelessly for the modding community as a whole and want to see FF7 realize its true potential. I just wish others were like minded.  The FF7 modding community has never had a proper leader or one project to get behind.  I tried to get that going with True Odin and quantumpencil but, sadly, ego and wanting to pursue their own totally separate projects got in the way (in my view).  What we now have is

1. 7th heaven - a convoluted approach to modding that tries to be one-size-fits-all but creates chaos.  It adds a lot of bells and whistles for very little practical gain and doesn't seek to fix the massive number of bugs that still exist.  In fact, it just adds more.

2. ffxn - an updated version of Aali's DLL forked from a build by Luksy.  It too adds way too many bells and whistles and, again, largely doesn't fix the bugs that need fixing.  Because True Odin didn't work with me, it's also reinventing the wheel with things that are already implemented in The Reunion.  Despite this, it has fixed a lot of problems with Aali's original code, and it will certainly be a welcome addition to The Reunion when I modify it for that use.

3. Sister Ray by quantumpencil - One man's vanity project that will likely crash and burn long-term because he didn't listen to Jeff Goldblum in Jurrasic Park.

I'll finish by saying the FF7 community often cuts its own throat by not addressing bugs with the original engine or the 1998 port and by not looking at the problems that require a lot more urgency than silly gimmicks that 0.1% of modders and users will find worthwhile. Even with the tools already available, an extreme minority of fan-made projects ever reach the half way stage.  The Reunion is entirely focused on resolving bugs and issues in the original game, however small - and creating a framework that modders from all countries can use to bring an updated FF7 to life under one executable and solution. It's not my ego project.  And I am not being selfish by keeping ddraw.dll closed source until I retire. I am doing it precisely because all a new fork does to this community is divide it further.  It's also the case that you need to trust that your source code will be respected by others, and I don't have any confidence it will be, especially given what's already happened.

We need to stop pissing about and start working on a project that has an achievable long-term aim: to unify modding efforts  - to fix problems that have been there since 1998. We need to do that before adding expansions or time consuming - often game breaking - gimmicks.
 And that's why The Reunion exists.

Daniel L.P. Burke

I checked the archive where is the link to the code? All I see is this bullshit fud about the GPL. There is no debate what you did was wrong. Stop trying to be the victim you messed up and when called out on it you attacked others for calling you out. You try to pretend your this lone hero modding all by yourself the truth is you can't even build a shader for your project. What have you done yourself wrote some text files for tools Lusky provided you?  You can't be bothered to learn any kind of modern languages and insist on using dead languages so you can't do much in terms modding. You could have had help but you insist on being a ass so no one wants to work with you and now you have people who actively dislike because of your actions.

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