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--- Quote from: NFITC1 on 2011-03-11 14:52:59 ---In case you were wondering, it looks like the texts for saving/loading exist in Dir00: File 39 in the FFIX.img file on disc 1. It contains texts like "Data from another game.", "Data corrupted", "Select MEMORY CARD slot.", "Do not remove MEMORY CARDsor Controllers, or open thedisc cover."[sic], and "Honolulu Harbor Court" (I kid you not). My knowledge of such things seems to end there. :( This is lacking the usual executable header info so there's no real entry point for me to start disassembling at. It's likely this file contains the methods for calculating the CRC because of the "Data corrupted." text that's in there. Without an entry point I don't know what's really going on.

--- End quote ---

In DIR 0 there are only 20 files. File 13 is SAVE & LOAD menu.

  0x0000 - 0x0003: DWORD = 20
  // ???
  0x0004 - 0x0017: 5 blocks of unknown data
  // 58 STRINGS
  0x0018 - 0x001B: Number of strings (58)
  0x001C - 0x0103: 58 String headers { WORD Pointer; BYTE Unknown; BYTE Unknown; }
  0x0104 - 0x05CC: String data
  0x05CD - 0x05CF: 3 bytes padding (NULL)
  0x05D0 - 0x494F: Data (0x4380, 0x0100/0x05C0)
  0x4950 - 0x4B4F: Palette
  0x4B50 - 0x61FF: Image Data (176x33)


--- Quote from: Akari on 2011-03-14 18:46:14 ---In DIR 0 there are only 20 files. File 13 is SAVE & LOAD menu....

--- End quote ---

I meant File index 39h. I know it's the 13th file. I'll see what disassembling starting at 0x6200 gives me.

I'll hunt down a copy of IX and get working on that savemap.

Thanks to Zande I was able to make the crc work. I'll release a beta soon!
EDIT: Uploaded a beta! :)

Just want to show some appreciation to the author for creating this save game editor.
I love the internet, what isn't available through thousands of searches one day, becomes available through a search for something completely different months and sometimes years later.  Was looking for an editor for this game for a long time, glad I stumbled onto this forum!  Thanks gjoerulv!


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