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@aladore384 cool, cool. Seems like a lot of punching job though, and probably requires a lot of testing too. Don't expect anything anytime soon, though.
@Tetra That is probably a good idea.

Any chance you can make the save editor compatible to newer version of ffix with Memoria mod ?
Newer version of memoria generates a slot file containing data fir Kuja . Lani, Frately separate from the main save file .
each dat file contains data of the game you have recently saved and definitely a lot smaller to map
here is how it looks

Kapten Teo:
This editor seems to only partially work for me. Card editing works, but items and character stats don't. I'm using the Moguri mod, so maybe that's why? The strange thing is that the changes still save and show when viewing the save file in the editor, but they don't once you're in-game.

As the @faospark friend just above said, is there a possibility to update the Save Editor? I tested it here and many options no longer work. For example the options of all items does not work anymore.

Any update forecast?

I confirm that those issues are produced by the fact Memoria now uses a custom save file on top of the normal save file: there is no problem in reading datas for the save editor but the update of the datas is done only in the normal save file and not in the custom one. That is why the changes are not taken into account in-game.

As faospark showed, the normal save file "SavedData_ww.dat" is still there (it contains all the normal save slots), and additionally there is one custom save file for each save slot (+ the auto-save). This custom save file is similar to the normal save file but doesn't contain all the datas (for example it contains a registry "40000_Common" but it doesn't contain "30000_MiniGame", at least not yet). There also are a couple of differences for taking care of the features added by Memoria.

As always, the source file JsonParser defines the save file format. I'm here in any case to answer questions if you need, gjoerulv.


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