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Ye, Memoria assumes it's a "normal" save file and is based on absolute positions inside the files. This works fine for the PS1 save map. But the "quick-fix" for the re-release is just an update of indexes, basically, so any "custom-made" additions to the structure will naturally break it. Saving might be dangerous for mods, as it still changes the bytes at the absolute positions.

As-is, Memoria is not very user-friendly for mods.

Completely forgot about the GitHub. I'll see if I can make one.

Link to github

Oh, and thanks @Tirlititi ^^

I'm trying to port my old PSX save to the Switch/Steam. I've opened my .mcr in memoria and exported the single save file. I then opened a Steam Save and tried to import the save but it says "wrong file size".

Is there any way to "convert" an old psx to steam/switch?

Any plans on getting this to work with the PS4 version?

Would it be possible to add a function that allows you to get a Kupo Nut as well? I have almost 100%, but now I'm missing a Kupo Nut that I can't get anymore.   ;((((


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