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--- Quote from: xenokain on 2013-06-06 21:37:32 ---Thanks  ;) by the way im sure you can add the .dll into the program when building it. Some people choose to leave them out because it makes the program bigger i believe. I've heard of "external dependencies" when building source code so im sure you can choose to have it built into the program or make it so you can get the .dll seperately. Not sure how Codelite + wxFormBuilder works though.

--- End quote ---

Depends on the library. If the source is open you can copy what you need into your project. Otherwise, it's safest to distribute the library with it as it may have external dependencies as well. Honestly, size doesn't matter so much anymore. Back before Harddrives were less than 10 GB it would be important to cram as much into as little as you could. Now it's hard to find a machine with less than 80 GB which is more than enough for most people (although my 2TB machine is more than half full :) ).

Many thanks for the links, JBedford128. I didn't see this topic before ! Very useful.
About enemies' attacks, I know some things about it but the datas are splitted everywhere and particulary in the script file for the AI (that includes which monster uses which attacks...). I still lack knowledge on scripts, though I got some opcode values.
Yeah, maybe the card drop is in the enemy formation, there are a couple of bytes I don't know in it.
And yes, CP -> AP. CP is the french thing and I messed up ^^'.

--- Quote ---I also think it would be useful if you still gave the number of the formation. So on Disc 1, the Beatrix battle is file0, so having it say "0: Beatrix" would be a help.
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Okay, I'll add that.

I'm quiet sure there is a simple way to remove the dll dependancies (it should be an option passed to the compiler) ; my attempts to do it just didn't work  :(

Next version will be focused on being able to overwrite datas. It'll be limited anyway but I'll try to make it as full as possible.


--- Quote from: Tirlititi on 2013-06-07 16:15:04 ---I'm quiet sure there is a simple way to remove the dll dependancies (it should be an option passed to the compiler) ; my attempts to do it just didn't work  :(

--- End quote ---

I don't think dll embedding is possible. I do enough assembly and disassembly to know that there's not a simple flag to tell a compiler to rip the code out of a library and mesh it with your code. There are lots of reasons this would not work. Unless you can get the source code of these libraries in your target language then I wouldn't think about integrating it into a single executable. I could give lectures about why trying to do such a thing is bad practice, but I'll spare you if you just trust me when I say you shouldn't.

I think its better you keep it the way you have it with the .dll files just added to the rar/zip. you can always make the dll part a last priority (you can come back to) once you feel the program has developed enough.

Updated. I've update the link in the first post so you don't have to search the last version through the topic.

The program may now overwrite datas directly in the binary file. Be careful because you can't unedit what you've done. I'm planning to add a system that saves a backup of the original datas in the .hwf file (when you open the file for the first time) but that's not done yet.
I also fixed that "fatal error" message when you exit the program.

About what you can edit, what you can't edit and what is limited (long boring post incoming :P) :
- texts are limited both in size and in printable characters. You may only use characters from the US/EU char table (link) and size is limited to what the size initially allocated for all the datas of the same type. For instance, in the US version, there is a size of 1608 characters for ALL the spells names (including the terminating character, so it actually does 1416). In general, there is only up to 3 extra characters so you will most likely have to remove the names from other spells to get some space.
- You can't edit the enemy names yet (there is a way to have more space for them but that will be for another version).
- Commands spell lists are also limited. You may link 2 commands to increase the limit (they would share the same spells). White Magic and White Magic+ are linked by default, as well as Black Magic and Black Magic+ but you can link Dagger's eidolons (trance and normal) and the 2 Beatrix Seikens (dunno why there is 2 of them) so you win 12 spells to put anywhere for free.
- Editing commands don't change the spell list in the menu (only in battle). It doesn't add AP requirement to the character either, so he can use it without having to learn it.
- I added the "Model ID" field to the enemies, but that's more for testing and curiousness than for real use. I'm pretty sure it won't be simple to change the model. I haven't test it yet though.
- You can't change the enemy groups, apart from its frequency and the AP it gives. It would be safe to remove an enemy from a group but any other change would have bugging results.
- You can add up to 32 items to a shop, period.

I removed the "Targetable" flag. I thought it were used by things like the battle with Steiner and the Bomb behind him but that's not even the case. Since it's more something that deals with the battle's script, I'll leave it out for now.
I also added names to the shops. It may be inacurrate for the weapons and armors shops and it is imprecise for the item shops. If someone can confirm the last one is the Zorn and Thorn's shop right before Oeilvert, it would be nice of him.

I'll stop searching for removing the dll dependancies, then. That's not a priority either, as you said, xenokain ^^

Oh, and I added the numbers in the enemy list. I'll make it optional in the following versions, though.


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