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[PSX] Randomizer - Meteor On Final Fantasy IX (1.2)

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For what I remember, you need to use the exact names of abilities you want to lock and separate them by commas (maybe it is important to not add spaces).

--- Code: ---Characters = What’s That!?, Water, Lucky Seven
--- End code ---
"Characters" will lock abilities on characters (with these, Water would still be a black magic spell on Vivi for instance).
"Equipments" will lock abilities on equipments (by default, Flee is locked which makes it available on the Dagger in any case).

yo been awhile i had an idea, any chance of randomizing chests and shop items?

I won't update this tool. What I may do in the future is to include it inside Hades Workshop. It would then have more features indeed. That's not for now though.


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