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[FF7 PC] Full source code reversing project?

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I believe re-creating just the field module via hooks in to the existing game is probably a viable starting point. That way if nothing else is completed at least there is a standalone end-to-end working field.

Any updates on that or similar projects?

I uploaded two parts from my decompilation work:
- the coaster minigame: https://github.com/ergonomy-joe/ff7-coaster
- the world map engine: https://github.com/ergonomy-joe/ff7-worldmap

The code once compiled with visual studio 97 is almost the same as the original code.
But this time I made some arrangement:
.this project build with Visual Studio 2008 (although it may be easy to build it with more recent versions)
.part of the original code is included as LIB files: the main library FF7LIB, the sound library FF7SND and the menu library FF7MENU (I may release as source code later but for now you have to use the libraries).
.I patched a little the original code so that it runs in a window (with a glitch though)
.both projects work as standalone. I included an original .cpp file in both case to launch both engines. Respectively CoasterMain.cpp and FF7WorldMap.cpp.
.you need to build/link with DirectX SDK version 5.0. I didn't try with newer versions. It may work too, I don't know.

Enjoy !

ergonomy_joe any chance you can share your notes or code from reversing chocobo races? I'm not sure how you have gone about reversing wat files and am interested to learn.


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