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4xCut (make your own upscaled fields files) V2.6 released (2019/05/14)

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This software needs to be updated to be able to process fields advanced animations (with FFNx).
It also need to be updated for processing of about 10 fields and make some manual correction automatic.
As i don't have the time to update it, here's the source code :

I'm not providing the exe because it MUST be fixed-updated to be able to provide a good result OOB for all fields (ATM 95% of the job is automated but the 5% remaining need to be tweaked, and a full ingame check too to be sure)

Feel free to use and share it without any restriction, but if you use it PLEASE do a full gamethrought for bug hunting and correction before doing any fields release, i don't wan't another "bugged never fixed" fields pack  :-\

I've done an upscaled fields pack some times ago with waifu and know that the longuest parts is to do the layering assembly before upscale, to cut the files after upscaling, and to walk throug the game for bugs hunting (can realy be discouraging).
As some new upscale methods have shown (esrgan, letsenhence...) i've done a tool so anyone can do an upscale pack (for test, self preference, or release) easily.
I've assembled all fields animation in the lowest number of files to upscale (about 3500 full pictures).
I've generated smooth upscaled cuting layers with potrace and imagemagik.
And i've done the game from start to correct bugs (some optimisation can be done - mainly in the the lightingfiles - i'll optimise then if needed)

So to automate the process i've done a small tool (in vb6 + imagemagick + palmer) :

So it's simple
-Click on the  "open sources folder"
-Upscale 4x the files with your favorite softs
-Put the upscaled file in the source 4x folder (with the "open sources4x folder")
-Click on "4xCut fields"
-Wait (maybe realy long if lots of files)
-"Batch import" with palmer (auto launched)
-Wait (maybe long  if lots of files)
-Close palmer
-Wait (fast)
-A folder will open with the ready to use fields files

The soft auto correct the missing block after palmer import for las4_3 and las4_2 and auto delete some file witch make ingame bugs (datio_8, woa ...)
The soft don't process the 16 blacks screens and debug room of the game, so it's processing 685 of 703 fields.

The tool also provide REpalmer, a simple palmer batch ui to batch palmer the already 4xCutted fields.
It's autodetecting if a 4xcutted filed is present, then do the exact same processing of palmer that regular 4xCut (with auto delete bugued light fields, auto correct the "las" files...)

If you found bugs in fields (black lines of dots - background over the character) tell me and i'll correct the layers... or you can correct them yourself, all the layers for cutting are in the "\work\Fields\layers4x" folder of the software.
Before telling me bugs, please test the game without the modded files because some colision bug are not due to the cutting but to the driver (and i can don nothing about it)

If it can help you i could do the same soft for the battle files to.

Whoa!  Excellent!  Any chance this can be done for FF8? It uses PuPu as an interface for field file splicing, etc. -- I'm sure Fated Courage and others would appreciate it!


--- Quote from: DLPB on 2018-11-20 23:00:58 ---Good stuff!

--- End quote ---
Thanks, i'll optimise it while i'll make a new upscale pack to ff7 but it's realy usable right now (it's already does a better cut (in most casses) than my old waiffu pack i've done mostly by hand)

--- Quote from: Mcindus on 2018-11-21 00:15:35 ---Whoa!  Excellent!  Any chance this can be done for FF8? It uses PuPu as an interface for field file splicing, etc. -- I'm sure Fated Courage and others would appreciate it!

--- End quote ---
Sadly to make this sort of auto layering take me looooots of time and i'm not realy into FF8 (i'm into a new upscale pack for ff7 now, probably letsenhence or esrgan or may be a mix of differents resize now that layering and cutting isn't to hard to do ^^)

This seems really helpful. Thank you for doing this

Working on a new upscale pack (will take some time but will be way better than the waifu's one ^^) :


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