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4xCut (make your own upscaled fields files) V2.6 released (2019/05/14)

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--- Quote from: satsuki on 2019-01-30 05:07:59 --->Some of the source files wasn't right numbered so some animation ingame wasn't right
>Light dots was showing at the edge of the lights

So wait, the newer version will realy be more powerfull.
Some screen must be optimised by hand after using the tool because of their special light layering, so far :
-game1, game2 and blin1

--- End quote ---

This is good to know! Do those 3 fields include the fields with the animations numbered wrong?
Also is there any ETA on you releasing the next version of 4xcut? I mean it would be awesome even if you just released some of the optimizing as you go. Or even just fixed the animation numbering. Once again thank you very much for the great work with this tool though!

No animation bug on thoses 3 screens
No release date, i'll release it after my ff7 esrgan pack, so bug correction will be maximum.
I also need  to automate a black offset correction (fast but need to test to be sure)

This is awesome. I've already used your tool to redo every field in the game. Going through to test now. I know you mentioned doing this for battle fields as well. Is that still in the plan?

Yes it'll be in next release.

Hey man just curious how the new update is coming along?


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