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4xCut (make your own upscaled fields files) V2.6 released (2019/05/14)

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This software needs to be updated to be able to process fields advanced animations (with FFNx).
It also need to be updated for processing of about 10 fields and make some manual correction automatic.
As i don't have the time to update it, here's the source code :

I'm not providing the exe because it MUST be fixed-updated to be able to provide a good result OOB for all fields (ATM 95% of the job is automated but the 5% remaining need to be tweaked, and a full ingame check too to be sure)

Feel free to use and share it without any restriction, but if you use it PLEASE do a full gamethrought for bug hunting and correction before doing any fields release, i don't wan't another "bugged never fixed" fields pack  :-\


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