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4xCut (make your own upscaled fields files) V2.6 released (2019/05/14)

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Ok, I'm hyped up. I'm still using your waifu backgrounds so this could be a nice upgrade.

That is clear as F! Keep it up man

This looks like a great tool! Thanks satsuki

Hey I have been working on my own upscales and then I stumbled on this tool!!! This looks great. Just a few questions for you. I know you have mentioned in other posts that you use potrace and imagemagik to optimize the edges of the layers... does 4x include these optimizations? When doing the fields manually I realized pretty quickly that the major issue was the edges on the layers. If 4x doesn't solve this automatically would you mind explaining your process? Also I know you mentioned releasing a more optimized version after your next updated upscale pack is released.. Can you give us an idea of what has been improved on?


--- Quote ---does 4x include these optimizations
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Can you give us an idea of what has been improved on?
--- End quote ---
>Mainly hand correction on black pixels and layers junctions
>Some of the source files wasn't right numbered so some animation ingame wasn't right
>Light dots was showing at the edge of the lights

So wait, the newer version will realy be more powerfull.
Some screen must be optimised by hand after using the tool because of their special light layering, so far :
-game1, game2 and blin1


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