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--- Quote from: Sega Chief on 2019-01-28 01:49:07 ---This is a tool written in C# for modifying the stat bonuses/penalties given by Materia. It can modify an ff7.exe, ff7_en.exe, or a ff7.iso/bin/img from the PAL/NTSC regions.

--- End quote ---

Hello Sega Chief
Thanks a lot for your usefull program you have developed it's amazing for FF7, well done.
I need a favor from you if you accept, that I hope you will fulfill in the next project, I need to add editing the "WINDOW.bin" to change the Latin letters to Arabic letters,
 because I want to translate this wonderful game into Arabic, I tried in various ways to change
Drawing letters from English to Arabic and writing on Latin letters, then I used "CDmage1-02-1B5" for replace the file but does not execute the change command on the letter file that I edited. Therefore, I hope that you will grant me this wish, which is the ability to write in the Arabic language, as well as the possibility of applying the change of letters in the letters file and saving it to the game file.
I apologize for the length of my message.

Thank you so much.

Here WINDOW.bin (letters 20% translated to arabic for test)


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