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[FF7PC] Script to batch convert PBR textures for the new lighting engine



This is a script to automatically batch convert an entire folder of PBR textures to be used with Cosmos Lighting, the new lighting engine integrated into FFNx.
For more details see link below:


Input texture example

You can put these textures in the input folder to quickly test the converter.

How to use

1. Put the pbr textures in the input folder. For example, for a color texture called aaaa_00.png, the new textures should be named with suffixes as follows:
- aaaa_00_n.png: normal texture
- aaaa_00_r.png : roughness texture. You can alternatively provide a aaaa_s.png smoothness texture. The script will automatically convert smoothness to roughness.
- aaaa_00_m.png : metallic texture. If no metallic texture is provided, a texture with constant value of 0.0 will be created automatically.
- aaaa_00_sp.png: Specular texture. If no specular texture is provided, a texture with constant value of 0.5 will be created automatically.
- aaaa_00_ao.png: Ambient Occlusion (AO) texture.

See image bellow for reference.

2. Execute the "pbrCombine.bat" script by double-clicking it
A console window will appear showing the progress of the texture conversion.

The converted textures will appear in a new folder called output
Inside the output folder you will have png and dds versions. I recommend using dds versions because it will have better quality and a smaller file size.
There will be two output texture.
- aaaa_00_nml.png/dds: this is the normal map, it just changes its filename to with the required _nml suffix.
- aaaa_00_pbr.png/dds: this one combines the input textures where the R channels is roughness. the G channel is metallic. the blue channel is specular and the alpha channel is AO.

Where to place the pbr textures

For characters textures: Final Fantasy VII\mods\textures\char
For battle textures: Final Fantasy VII\mods\textures\battle

Be careful with the filenames. It seems that it is expected to have "_00" at the end of the filename for it to work correctly.
For example cloud textures it should be and (if you replace the color texture too then add also
For the first battle arena textures it should be and (if you replace the color texture too then add also


Satsuki Yatoshi for helping me setting the portable imagemagick exe and the dds converter

I updated the script and instructions to work with the latest FFNx implementation.


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