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[FF7] battle.lgp model files to scene.bin enemy ids lookup



I'm just adding battle models (battle.lgp) and scene.bin exporting to kujata (see https://dangarfield.github.io/kujata-webapp/battle-models for previews) and fenrir and I'm unsure about how to correlate the battle models to the enemy IDs.
I assume there is a table in the exe / some data file but I haven't found it yet in the battle directory.

Elfadunk - Scene.bin ID: 76 (0x4C) - battle.lgp model: cyaa
Mandragora - Scene.bin ID: 79 (0x4F) - battle.lgp model: dbaa
Levrikon - Scene.bin ID: 80 (0x50) - battle.lgp model: dcaa

I can approximate this roughly (aa = 0, ab = 1, ac = 2... cy = 25 + 25 + 24 + 3 = 76, but I just wanted to check that there isn't a better way of looking this up.
Also the same for the playable character files. Any locations in exe memory or data files I should be looking?

you can check out the file reconstruction project that should tell you what parts from what model .

Thanks @sithlord48, this is useful, but I'm wondering how these IDs were derived.

I can make the assumption that the enemy model hrcs are sequentially based aa,ab,ac, 1,2,3 etc, and I've found the exe offset for the playable characters (FROG -> CHAOS, ff7_en.exe, 0x004FE310), but I would be interested in if anyone could explain HOW or where they found the data linking the scene.bin enemy IDs to the battle models in battle.lgp.

I'd prefer not to hardcode it in what I'm doing but generate the information from the sources.

@halkun Any Ideas?


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