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Whitechoco editor is crashing CTD

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I guess this does not like the steam version but that is what I have.  I guess I need the old version of the game exe?

I guess I will have to install old version FF7 on another computer and then try whitechoco on that.

What I am trying to do is change materia sell prices and sell prices thru AP.  Maybe another tool can do it.  Any help or suggestions on how to do this?  Thank you! :)

HA nevermind it worked I think now the select file box came up,  I guess it has to crash a couple times first lol

what is this SHOPMENU.MNU file I dont seem to have it in my FF7 directory.

perhaps I will try to find some readme file for this editor.

Starting Steam may help it work possibly I'm not sure why it now worked and not before  :-\  I guess is working fine now on ff7.exe

It seems I cannot edit the materia "price for master" in shops with this tool.

Can anyone recommend a tool that can do that?  Thank you  :)

Ok figured it out yes the program has to crash first time, second have to copy ff7_en.exe and rename copy to ff7.exe then change master materia multiplier from 210 to #X, now to test and see if it actually worked, must rename back the exe.


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