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Uploading and storing of your pictures / files

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If you need to upload some picture to show it on the forums or some file for example savegame or something, feel free to use mine trashbin at
Its a public upload server; files are not keeped there forever, they will be deleted after some amount of time, because I dont have unlimited space on my server. Also don't post there any porn or some other illegal material that could cause me trouble.

I allways have problems with this   -_-  I can never seem to get the path riht to display things, my current avatar on there only got up because I found someone elses link to there and switched the file names, but now its gone and I cant link it right anymore  :z

When you upload the file it will be added on the bottom as the last file. Filename is a direct link to it, so if you use Internet Explorer you can acquire link to it by right-clicking the filename and selecting 'Copy Link' ... link to the file will be now in your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere.

anyhow links to the files are in form:
for example:[1].jpg
is link to your avatar.

ok their are alot of file and image hosters, but the best in my oppinion are

for images:

and for files:


Rapidshare has a great file life...


the max. file upload size is 10mb here, but the file life is......AMAZING!!!

here are some others that arent as good, but still get the job done:

their are many, but most are nothin but pop ups and pornography...

Asdayasman13: anybody?  Not sure if that would work though


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