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I'm sorry for not answering my PMs. I haven't cheked this site in quiet a while...

Kimera is a small tool I started to code in 2005. It's purpose it's simple: view and edit the 3D models found in the PC version of Final Fantasy VII. It was created specifically to help working on the Phoenix Rejuvenction Project (known at first as NPC Reconstruction Project). A project I no longer work on.
What can it do exactly? Let's see...
-Display most of the 3D models found in the game. Field models and battle models including their animations. The minigames models should work as well.
-Supports editing the individual pieces that define the models (P files). Specifically, it can move vertices, change their color, erase, create and cut triangles. It can also erase groups present on a P file or change their opacity value (not tested). Standard geometrical transformations (rotate, resize and reposition) are also supported.
-Import 3Ds files.
-Add/Change/Remove textures (supports TEX, BMP, JPG, GIF and ICO files).
-Add pre-cooked lighting for a single part and for the whole model (with up to four ligth sources)
-Edit the bone lengths of a skeleton and attach and remove pieces to them.
-Field and battle animations can be edited, but the interface is rather unfriendly.

Please, read the included readme.txt file for further instructions.

Well, here you have a new version to fix the limits break mess:
Binary : Kimera_097b_bin.7z
Source (for Visual Basic 6): Kimera_097b_src.7z

If you are planning to work on the sourcecode, you will need the newer OpenGL definitions for VB6 and glExtensions. You can download them from this page:

Also, in case you're having trouble finding the right ogl.tlb, here you have it:
VB6 OpenGL.7z

Last update 01/10/2014 (0.97b)

Kimera versions .84 - .97c

...didnt work

Works for me, small problem is that the downloaded file has extension .htm . But when I renamed it to .rar it worked allright.
Too bad I don't have any .P files here to test it.

all thats comes up for me is a big page with LOADS of jibberish

Mmm... yeah, you are right. You should right-click on the link and then "save as...". At least I can download it in this way.
For some reason, this doesn't work on FireFox but it does on IE.
I think I should look for better web-hosting...


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