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...I'm strongly considering adding a minimum IQ/common sense requirement to be able to post on the forums. Jesus.

You know, this place started small, and for a long time it consisted mostly of a group of sensible people I very much liked to call friends. What is it now? A goddamn daycare center for people who shouldn't be allowed to interact online, or even own a keyboard for that matter.
[*]At least five members now are using the forums to talk to each other instead of calling or meeting outside (or in cases, the goddamn living room).[*]At least two permanently banned users are semi-secretly back posting as if nothing happened.[*]Most of the few people who were capable of having a decent intellectual conversation are gone or driven insane by the rest of the members.[*]Maybe one or two percent of the registered users are actually contributing towards the intended goal of these forums.[*]There exists maybe a handful of people who actually behave as regulars, the rest (including many long-time members) are still acting like dyslexic newbies who just post for the hell of it.[*]There are maybe five or ten different topics alive, which are endlessly repeated since people can apparently not read anything posted before they thought of the idea.[/list:u]
I seriously don't care anymore.

If anyone thinks they can make a difference, let me know and I'll make you a moderator. I'm tired of cleaning up this mess, if you people are interested in this place as anything else than a random crap dump then maybe you should start actually working for it.

why dont you just annihilate peoples accounts, i mean if someone annoys you (inc. me if desired) just go on a banning spree and get rid of them.

Or you could just scrap this forum then start anew. it may seem mean to go on a rage of banning but ... You may feel better after it.

Oh and people should accept your word as final and if they get erased or the site gets scrapped or you make changes, people should respect that and go back to their non forum life

Stay strong, stay sane

This is not an application (personaly im too much of a nice person / worry-wart to become a mod)

I would be interested in being moderated. I know I've posted very little. I've been here awhile, but I only tend to post If I think I can help or have anything of interest to say.

I think that the moderating system on this board has 3 major problems:

1. I think that one of the main moderating problems on this board is that only a few of your moderators are still around here (SaiNt, Aaron, You, and me).
Some of the moderators have not been posting here for a long while, as fice, halkun, dagsverre...
This worked fine some time ago, however, in the last few months we have more and more problems in here, so you have to update your mod crew.
But I see that you've already started taking care of this problem.
I think that making Nori a mod is a good decision.

2. Another problem was that moderators are only allowed to moderate a few forums, not all. If I see some heavy rule-breaking action in the unrelated forum (where most of the shit happens), for example, I cannot use my "mod powers" there, the only thing I can do is giving an advise or telling another mod/admin who has the power to edit or delete posts or topics in a specific forum about that...

You maybe should think about giving the mods access to more forums, especially the unreleated one to take care of that.

And as for that "If anyone thinks they can make a difference, let me know and I'll make you a moderator." is not a good Idea. I think you (and SaiNt) should be the only ones who decide who's going to be a moderator.
After all, this is not a guerilla war, where everyone fights for his own ideal, but the moderators are (or at least should be) a crew under your control, fighting for your ideals.

3. I think there is also another point:
Once you have finished the mod crew update, then you should maybe tell your moderators what you expect them to do in critical situations.
This would be a help for us moderators to enforce the rules, and if we know what you expect from us, then we can also handle a lot of problem for you without being afraid to be too rude.

Think about it.

 - Alhexx

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Had to correct my grammar and the structure of this post a few times...

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corpse: If I was you, I'd scale down that avatar a bit before someone else does...

You'd have to admit, everything is segregated for the most part (with a few game tweaking/tech crossovers, and unrelated/general crossovers, just topics that should be in the other).


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