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Hey guys, I think I would be an awesome moderator. First I would ban all of my relatives, then I would ban MOYB, then I would get rid of my own warning, and then I would be happy, and become a good mod, b/c at least Qhimm knows that I'm honest. I never lie. If anyone can trust me its everyone! Vote RPGillespie!

P.S. I'm one of the 2% that contribute, right..? HEy, you can't deny that if someone has a problem, I will do my best to help them b/c I like it when people help me, even though I haven't been getting much lately, but I'm not complaining...

I cant tell if that's sarcasm or serious  :isee:

Hey, I've mended my ways...

P.S. MOYB, stop doing quotings! they are boring to everybody but who you are insulting!

So, you ARE serious?  :o

Lets be a little realistic here, your intro here wasnt that spectacular ("Oil is gay"), created multiple accounts to impersonate the admin, in which that unintentionally added fire to an already high-tweaked group of people because of ongoing conflict.

Im sure Im not one to be judging people, as Im sure I've done a few things to irk a few people, but damn, lets be a little bit realistic here.

Still like ya as a person though  :D

I must say though, you suprised me. I (Im sure a few other people thought it too) thought you were going to be another Nando ("In no time you'll be rollin in a cadillac on twanky fours") that would be out of here within a week. Definetly turned around.

I propose a petition to get that guy back in here. Never laughed so hard. Ever.

I fink i shud be a mod cos i iz got nuffink betta to do. </idiot>

Seriously tho, I think that one global mod would do the trick... to take some work off Qhimm.  Someone who is around a lot so they can nip trash threads in the bud, other than that I have nothing to contribute here... in fact, I'm trying to figure out why I bothered to post.

FYI, I'm not applying... look at my join date and look at my post count, although I have read the forums a lot more than it seems I just rarely have anything to contribute.


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