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ATTN: People calling themselves "Sephiroth" etc.

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Seriously, are you so devoid of creative thinking that you can't think up a name for yourself without resorting to copying a well-established one? What is it that drives you, are you hoping that Sephiroth's "coolness" will rub off on you? Are you so oblivious to the fact that when other people see you they're usually think "Geez, here comes another moron"?

The reason for this little outburst is not purely ideological (we've had "Sephiroths" around since the old days), but more of a practical one. At this moment, we have 22 people using a simple variation of the name "Sephiroth" as their user name (and probably a few more using a bad spelling). It's not only uninnovative, it's downright confusing. So the following people should strongly consider changing their user name to something we can actually recognize you by, before the management decides to do some culling of the herd:

Sephiroth 3D
Sephiroth the Dragon
Sephiroth 1311
Sephiroth's heart
Great Sephiroth
The Great Sephiroth
TheGreatSephiroth (oh for fuck's sake...)

On a similar note, there are also 20 Clouds, six Squalls and three Zacks. If either of you want to have an actual identity, you might consider the same.

Aeris is Dead - Face It:
hehe, I'm thinking about re-registering as

"Aeries is Dead".

Can I do that without being banned? :P


FYI to everyone:
You can change your name without reregistering.  (Go to your Profile.)

Yes, well, of course if you change your name unnecessarily often, it'll be even more confusing. Also, once you do change, it would help if you actually inform people who you actually are. Were. Whatever.

On a similar note, what is up with the whole adding your name to every post? It is already written next to your post, why add it? This is why I purposely keep signatures off, because I know damn well that only one user in every 100 would ever put anything useful in there, the rest would either just insert their name (useless!) or stuff that's clearly visible in their profile anyway, where people can read it if they want to.

That must be really annoying.


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