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Support / Re: FF7 - Audio music mod - full orchestra HQ
« on: 2016-05-26 08:26:18 »
Hi all,

thanks for the replies... it seemed to be an issue with my particular install of 7th heaven. If anyone else has this issue, here's how i fixed it:

  • Using the 7th heaven application menu, unzip all of the files in the music mod to a folder on your computer - there will be multiple folders
  • Go to Final Fantasy VII\music\vgmstream folder
  • Choose which folder of soundtrack you prefer (Professional 2 was my favourite)
  • Backup all of the music files in the vgmstream folder to somewhere else (just in case!)
  • Copy across the preferred soundtrack into the vgmstream folder (i actually ended up choosing different tracks across all the soundtrack versions as FF7 seems to only care about file names)
  • Within 7th heaven, configure the music mod to select "None" (top option)
  • and now you should hear the orchestrated versions when you load up the game...


Support / Re: FF7 - Audio music mod - full orchestra HQ
« on: 2016-05-25 16:18:54 »
thanks for the reply, just to be clear... Anxious Heart is the reunion tracks as in full orchestra recordings and not synthesized/midi? There are loads of different anxious heart options - is the top selection the reunion tracks?

If so, i must have installed it incorrectly! Do i need to extract the mod file and copy across the files into the vgmstream folder? Or should 7th heaven point to the correct files automatically?


Support / FF7 - Audio music mod - full orchestra HQ
« on: 2016-05-25 09:53:25 »

Apologies if this has been asked multiple times but here goes:

Is there a mod which substitutes the FF7 music for high quality full orchestra versions such as the reunion tracks:

I have installed 7th Heaven and tried out the Anxious Hearts music soundtrack mod but it still sounds synthetic and synth like - Is that how it should sound? Or maybe the mod isn't working right and I should be hearing real orchestral instruments?!

Any help is greatly appreciated!! :mrgreen:

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