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General Discussion / Physical Final Fantasy Collections
« on: 2012-04-02 01:26:44 »
So here is my physical Final Fantasy collection.

Better Quality pic
It's not complete at all, but wanted to share. I'm missing a real copy of 4, but will get another soon. I put my psp in there since that's where my CC lives. Hope a few of you decide to share your collections. FF only, no Kingdom Hearts etc. as filler.

Releases / [FF7PC] Grimmy's Models and Textures etc.
« on: 2012-02-20 20:30:08 »
My main FFVII mods releases.

Full World Map Re-Texture
Includes Felix wmp beta, 59 additional textures Ste41k, Full worldmap by ff7remastered, original WMRP by pyrozen, plus My towns and personal tweaks.

HQ Disc Change w/ New Start Screen and Avatars

New Huge Materia.
 Modified from Mako Dawn mod.

Diamond Weapon Model:

Joker, Death Dealer with new cards

Upscaled Magic Textures

Towns by Grimmy

Replacement FMVs for FFVII

Elmyra and Marlene in Kalm

Bike Game Textures

Jessie - Bombing Mission

Chocobo Mini Game HD Textures(English)
Original French Version

Coaster Mini Game HD Textures

Play as Shinra Party Swap!6dJ3HQIa!nnsmIu9vOKX9EGpte0gnoFz24fb6GWyE4WHUWOqg5DU

My Youtube - FF7 vids

Releases / [FF7PC-98] Upscaled Magic Textures (2012-02-19)
« on: 2012-02-19 23:44:19 »
What is it?

Every magic texture and all of its' palettes have been converted to png, renamed, up scaled and filtered to work in Modpath.

What does it do?

It turns this (original textures)

Into this (up scaled textures)

Does it contain anything else?

Yes, all the original Team Avalanche magic textures have been placed into the proper modpath locations. I also Included Ices by Kela and the new cards by JordieBo. A new set of Tarot cards have also been included. I did not include The comet and dice textures since they were of no use to me.

Where can I get it?


How do I install it?

I'm horrible at giving tech support, but I named my modpath Data to more closely follow the original LGP format. So either name your modpath Data and put the contents into that folder, or just copy the contents into your current modpath.

Are there any known problems?

The main issue you will encounter is on grey scale textures. For some reason if the original texture was in grey scale the mod path method doesn't properly remove the black that should appear transparent. The result is a black square around the magic spell. The way to fix this problem is to identify the offending texture. open the png in an image editor and delete the black leaving a transparent area. If you guys pm me or post up what textures are having this problem I'll put together a fix pack for them.

Completely Unrelated / New look?
« on: 2010-02-10 20:09:39 »
So how does everyone feel about the new look to this forum?

For the record as long as it's still here I love it.

Team Avalanche / Towns
« on: 2009-12-28 23:12:00 »
Here are some of the towns I've finished so far. I've been using FMV and Flevel images to create the new textures. Lots of these use the same textures and apply them differently in each spot, so in short there will always be some misalignment.

Each of the following towns used the same wall texture and if I add doors or windows they look ridiculous

I've also finished Chocobo Sage's house, Weapon Seller's, and Rocket Town.


Very little tech support will be offered. I will say that the towns folder goes in the WMRP folder.

Releases / Diamond Weapon retextured by Grimmy
« on: 2009-11-02 21:38:52 »
For everyone out there who has wished Diamond Weapon looked more like it does in the FMVs. Here you go.

This is the original model it has just been retextured using images from the FMVs that show Diamond. Use the same installation method as APZ Cloud and Timu's Barret. I will be offering little tech support.

Battle model

Here it is on the world map

World map model

Completely Unrelated / Airship Pirates - Steampunk
« on: 2009-07-14 02:51:42 »
My wife started listening to this Steampunk band Abney Park a few weeks ago and I just love this song.

Completely Unrelated / I had to share this.
« on: 2009-05-24 00:14:28 »
This is a comedy skit by MC Chris(MC Pee Pants) at GameSpot's After Hours event. It's the funniest video game humor I've ever heard, mainly because it deals with Kingdom Hearts.


General Discussion / FFVII Fan Games
« on: 2009-05-04 22:45:07 »
Searching the net I've only found two FFVII fan games, The Dark Cloud and Avalanche. There is the FFVII NES port which is now in English. Anyone found any others?

The Dark Cloud link

The count stands at four. Other links follow.

Remastered Replacement FMVs for FFVII

After almost 8 years I have finally gotten around to fully updating my videos using the highest quality AC(480p), ACC(1080p) and CC(1080p) sources available. I've remade every video from the ground up at the proper aspect ratio of 1280X896 and encoded everything with a high bitrate setting(generally 8000 kbps and higher) to eliminate any artifacting caused by encoding. When any original game footage was needed I used the Remastered FMV's by cmh175. Here is a breakdown of what videos are included and any notable changes.

opening - A higher quality version of the PS3 tech demo was used and the audio was corrected to remove some small clicks near the end.
canon - ACC
canonh3f - ACC
earithdd - higher quality version of hybridmoon's video was used and new ACC footage used when able.
funeral - same as above
ending3 - ACC footage
jenova_e - AC, ACC, CC footage.
meteofix - AC
nivlsfs - ACC
ontrain - 1080p remake trailer footage.

A few notes. The ontrain video has 2 versions included. One that is short like the original and a longer version inspired the one at the end of Tsunamix's Ehco-S demo. Also I had to use the AC 480p footage for both meteofix and jenova's reveal because those scenes had been cut and or extremely shortened in the ACC version making them unusable. I've also included the much higher quality Eidos logo opening from Team Avalanche because it doesn't seem to be very commonly known of at the moment and a sqlogo replacement that is a cool clip video of the compilation.

Download link!KFRgWTxI!sIx-VW8lpnSpAdMAqWRpZ9YnVb_h8xoN-GLrVxIoHLI

Enhanced Replacement FMVs from Toshiba DVD

So anyone that doesn't know once upon a time a few of the FFVII FMVs where rendered at a higher quality and released on a DVD to be encluded with a Toshiba computer. Full story over at TLS So after waiting for a number of years for someone else to make a set using this footage I decided to do it myself since I was redoing my previous videos. A few videos have been made by DLPB using this footage. Most notably the opening, so I won't be including any of those videos. I will show a few comparison shots of the same frames from the Remastered FMV's by cmh175 and the Toshiba DVD versions by me. I will go ahead and say that after color correcting the videos, cropping, enlarging and filtering the videos you get about 5-10% more visual information. There is an improvement in sharpness of lines and small details but at the loss of some smoothness. However for a modder like me that is a fair trade. I want the most out of all aspects of my game even if there are a few concessions. I also used the  Remastered FMV's by cmh175 to fill in any gapes not included in the Toshiba DVD footage. I ended up making 19 replacements out of the available footage. Here are the comparison shots.

Remastered FMV's by cmh175

Toshiba DVD footage

Remastered FMV's by cmh175

Toshiba DVD footage

Download Link!2ZQShChR!H0FQIpBqJTjPTDU1wzbkGiBGeOaVUw94c4Ur0d6TDdA

No Chibi Replacement FMVs Corrected

In addition to Remastering my original videos and working on the Toshiba DVD videos I tackled correcting the No Chibi FMVs by DrLilo. The original videos had varying sizes and fps which caused some issues(like a softlock for me at parashot). Another issue is that they were made back when the psx resized videos by dlpb were the best available, but now the 2012 resizes have surpassed those. So, I started with a base of the Remastered FMV's by cmh175 and remade each video to a proper size, fps and runtime. These videos also use any Toshiba DVD footage that was available. These videos will play 100% properly without any flevel patches unlike the original versions.

Download Link!uMhFVBQa!7TD9jl7tWvKSuhPw6tulnSb3FgB_4mwQdWAuGUv7KEs


Original Post

I decided to edit together some new videos using some of the available footage from AC and CC. So far I've finished Midgar canon firing, Rufus shot by Diamond, Nanaki's ending, Aerith's funeral, Meteor from space, Sephiroth Discovers Jenova(CC with voice), and another new opening(CC & tech demo with voice). These all work 100% on my machine and should be usable right away for anyone that plays fmvs from hdd.

Original Quality Vids (320x224): not available. You can resize the higher quality ones if you need them for some reason

A great many thanks go out to Otokoshi for the most excellent Opening logo(without tech demo script). seriously your opening is awesome and I think it far better than mine. also the reason I didn't include the sephiroth in flames, Otokoshi's is definitive. If you don't already have them go here.

Higher Quality Videos
for use with Aali's custom graphics driver 0.5 and up. Most are 960x720


Midgar canon firing, Nanaki's ending

Rufus shot by Diamond, , Meteor from space, Sephiroth Discovers Jenova(CC with voice), and Sephiroth in flames.(if you downloaded the hq videos before May 24, 2009 you need these)

Aerith's death and burial reedited from Hybridmoon's original.

Opening Credits reedited from Clover27's original.

New Ending2 from Darkangel 8694 : This version has audio corrected so it doesn't sound so blownout. If you have another version you'll want this one.

New Prelude: Replaces old prelude credits with scolling pics on a cool background.

Diamond Weapon Model:

New Cloud Jumps on Train video:

Archive / lgp extraction troubles
« on: 2008-06-02 08:00:36 »
I just got my official ff7 pc game off ebay did the max install and the game plays great. I decided to try the mods i saw on youtube and hit a snag. Seems I can't get an extraction tool that actual works. I want to use the NPC patch or the Reunion patch but  lgptools has  weird shell directory errors and highwind just starts not responding and doesn't go any further. Please help me to extract my char files, maybe there is a protection on official versions not on the bootlegs. I'm using a new dual core pc running vista so my machine is sound I just need a better extraction program or better tutorials for the others. :mrgreen:

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