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Would anyone be interested in a project like this:

But for FF7 PC? Basically its a hook DLL where by each game function is slowly replaced with C/C++ until the full source of the game is obtained.

Q-Gears / Q-Gears team needs developers/artists/scripters!
« on: 2015-01-20 22:23:25 »
I see quite a few people in the past seemed like they would help out but then gave up because  they couldn't even get it to compile/run.

Hopefully things have changed now that the project has moved to github/travis-ci.

Anyways I thought I'd start this topic as a fresh shout out to anyone that wants to help out. Even if you feel you don't have the skills then still let me know, you could do something as simple as fixing up the license in each source etc :) We need some artists too to help with things like:

You can find me on IRC most of the time:

Groupname:  EsperNet
Default Port:  6667

And off course the project is here, and as of now there are 2 branches of the project:


New: If you want to help and are new and don't know what to do, you can start by checking out the issue list and seeing if you can fix or help with any of them:

And you can find builds (binary runables) here:

Some ideas about what would be useful skill knowledge wise:

-Gimp/Photoshop/Blender/3d modeling/animation (if you want to do art stuff)
-LUA/C++ or any other language (LUA is simple while C++ is harder, but most of the code will end up being in LUA)
-Someone with a mac to test mac builds/help get the build working
-Being able to reverse stuff or just general FF7/8/9 knowledge
-Knowing FF7 file formats
-Being able to figure out why stuff doesn't work (debugging)

I'm trying to implement the world map module of Q-Gears. At the moment I have it displaying the PSX map data OK.

But how do I get the textures from the PSX data? The wiki only documents PC:

There are "txz" files in the "world" directory, but I noticed the string "AKAO" in there so I guess this is only sound data?

Edit: Some txz related tool here:

Hey guys, I was wondering what you guys use to reverse FF7 pc and psx versions? I've reversed some of abes oddysee (the pc version using OllyDbg) but I've no clue where to start on the playstation version...

Also do the people around here that reverse the engine just document it and then other people write qgears? Or do they tend to do both?

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