Author Topic: 7th Heaven 2.2 UI Sounds not working and Field Model moving slow  (Read 123 times)

Marshall J. Mole

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Long story short I’m not very code or computer savvy. FF7 is just my favorite game of all time and I’m trying my best to make these mods that I don’t understand work. 7H 1 worked fine when I fallowed the readme, and the 2.0 did all the work which was awesome and works fine. I just really want to be able to use my PS4 controller, so I downloaded the updater and let the Wizard do its thing. I didn’t change any mods except for turning the 60 FPS off. And yeah, I can get the PS4 controller to work. Coolio. But now my field model Cloud is moving in slow motion (world map Cloud is fine), and the UI sounds aren’t working either. I’m again not tech savvy, so please explain how to fix this in layman’s terms