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Releases / Re: [FF7PC-Switch] Beacause LayeredFS
« on: 2019-04-08 08:52:16 »
sry but here it do not work, the resources folder it at the wrong place and if i change the position to the right place, it do not work.

Blackscreen after the Logo

but yes sorry me english is not the best :(

but that was not an attack on you

thx for posting but i do work with pc for me with the switch not.
i have now 5 times copied the folder.

and renamed to my location.. maybe that is the problem?

EDIT: i think i have fixed the boxes for u Removed per request, and per a rule that was stated after this was posted that all reunion related items cannot be shared without permission in qhimm forums.
but it was only a batch fix not sure if it not now broke any other stuff.

but please fix the .exe that it work for "gflevel" ect... if that problem is a case.. ?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-Switch] Beacause LayeredFS
« on: 2019-04-07 14:02:15 »
It do not work.

1. the resources Folder is beside workingdir, not beside data folder
2. if i do this the game crash about the .exe do not work.
3. with the 98/steam exe the fps are bader as with the orginal switch .exe, specialy the pasing is bad
4. so u need do patch the org. switch .exe this is the better idea

Here  .exe >

ok thx .. but i need only a way to re create the ancnt1+2+3+4+,mds7.dat and all that .dat files :(
or replace only the pics in it....

im using it on the switch, but its the steam version, 4x ai scaled avalanche Risen Battle Textures resized in 720p do also work
but i cant find a way do repleace the field textures in the files...

is there no way ?

that would be very sad

pls any programmer make it possible :(

hi nice toll!!

is it possible in the future to layer menu .pngs?

i have also a question. how can i make this pics again in to a flevel.lpg?

or how can i create again the ancnt1 folder back to a ancnt1 file? without 7h...
i can inject the files with lpg installer but i dont find a way to make the folders back to the ancnt1 file org style..

i can olny say one about that. Perfect!

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