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I sadly missed Stiltzkin in Burmecia, and wanted to know if there was a to inject the encounter and purchase into my save, without needing to restart. I'd love to hear any ways to do this! I'm now in Treno, about 12 hours in (with a bunch of cool cards, and the 1000 jump roping key item), so I'd hate to have to restart.

Sadly, this isn't possible by memoria atm. If you really want to explore, you can try the hex editor, but your pretty much on your own there. You can also extract/dump the raw savefile.

ok im not completely stupid but i feel like it, how in the hell do i find the save data so i can mess around with this?. can't find it anywhere

C:\Users\[Name]\AppData\LocalLow\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY IX\Steam\EncryptedSavedData

It is hidden quite well.

YES got there eventually , the folders are actually hidden incase you have multiple users , so you have to uncheck the 'hidden items' box. thank you Tirlititi


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