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Welcome to my new Sephiroth Patch! This is the classical patch, a full swap of Cloud and Sephiroth in all fields and battlegrounds. Both characters are fully animated, for battle I kept Sephiroth's original animations and added missing elements such as tossing items or doing limit breaks. All models for Cloud and Sephiroth are derrived from the HQ battle models of their final fight and thus look totally amazing, this Sephiroth patch is the complete one!

List of features:

- Sephiroth and Cloud are swapped in field and use the former animations of their counterpart, all texts in field are adjusted to display "Cloud" instead of "Sephiroth"
- High quality models are used, battle model parts plus carrying a weapon - see the screenshots! :)
- Fully animated Sephiroth battle model doing sense, manipulate, steal , taking damage, tossing/using items and also executing all of Cloud's Limit breaks!
   (though they look strawberriesty ... :O) )
- Sepher Seph and Final Seph turned into Cloud equivalents, this is consistent to the very end :)
- Sephiroth using the masamune plus all of Cloud's weapons: Buster Sword->long sword(masamune model), Ragnarok->Masamune, Masamune carried by Cloud=Buster  Sword, Im sure you get the idea :)
-Sephiroth in the bike minigame!!


Main v1.3:

Screenshots: (click for larger image)

If you see no pics use the links:

In case you wonder why Heroes for PSX is not been continued for so long, well I will finish it. But I released disc 1 too early, it is more work than I expected. As modding on PC is far simpler I thought Id just swing out a PC release, Enjoy!

Thanks to:

-SquareSOFT for making FF7-10
-NFITC1 for Wall Market, Proud Clod and his wisdom
-luksy for making ulgp
-myst6re for making Makou Reactor
-Borde for making Kimera!!
-Obesebear and all others who answered all my questions, this was the fastest start into PC modding ever
-zara9 for his support and testing my mods
-my friends Jeet, Lazy Bastard and vayneruel for all support since Im here

Alright, if I forgot you I am sorry and please complain ! ;)

UPDATE 04/18/2015
update v1.2 released:

- fixed the body/belt texture of Clouds field model
- fixed an issue where AFIE.hrc(parachute model) has no head
- fixed all blinking head issues on field models
- updated the terrible shoes of Cloud and Seph with higher quality battle model parts

UPDATE 04/24/2015
updated mainfile, version v1.3 released:

-Sephiroth on the bike minigame!
-small fixes

The only complaint I got is I can't see the juicy pictures.

Strange, I can display them in my browser on pc and on the tablet. Are you using an iphone? I remember this problem with my ipod on other forums.

I made direct links for you!!


is sephiorth shirtless through this whole ff7 mod?

and i will test out this mod out for you soon

Yo! As switching around models is so easy on pc Ill  add some more costumes for customization. There are many options, standard with coat, naked arms but body clothing, naked arms, body clothing but no  coat, soldier uniform, different colors...Ill keep it updated but for now I found this most badass (especially in the snow fields :D ). I just played from start till rocket town, no problems.


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