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The Great Sephiroth:
Is it possible to mod/hack game to always use specific team/party in battle and have and show them in the menu? But in reality have another team for all the events when character come out and speak and manage and see that real team you have in events in PHS/USO and every other time you can/have to choose party? But in battles and menu you have your specific team and on victory screen you have and level your battle team (the rest you have unlocked gets 1/2 exp like normal). Is something like that possible?

Sort of, but it would be complicated. You'd have to have something hooked into the battle-prep and menu open methods and change the values in the party lineup before the battle starts or menus open then change it back once the battle is over. You could have a database of which parties to use at specific times if you check the gamemoment variable.

Actually, after writing that it doesn't seem too complicated. I just don't know how to do it. :)

it would take longer, but be less complicated to just disable the PHS through the flevel then have the party be set to the desired party trhough flevel script. for scenes requiring specific actors in the party you would just need to have a party switch in the script at the start and again at the end. You could also code every character to stand in every event so the party selection could  be skipped. but those are both 100+ hour projects that are really pointless since the game only has a few forced party member locations after you leave midgar, and for all of those only 1 person is required leaving you the choice of your 3rd.

The Great Sephiroth:
Sounds hard. Then what about something easier. Would it be possible to make something like this: Whenever you have Sephiroth in your party the game thinks it is Vincent and he comes out to talk but in menu and in battle he is himself (Sephirorh) and only in the events with a lot of talking game treats him as Vincent. It should be possible and not that hard since they share a lot data.

The Great Sephiroth:
I hope it would be easier than hot air ballon. I have a field model that changes Vincent into Sephiroth and made some text changes. Now I only would need that change that Vincent appears in all talks when you have Sephiroth and Sephiroth is in PHS and other party picking moments instead of Vincent. I think it would be nice mod.


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