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Cloud's Field Model when Unsheathed Not Changing



Not sure if Im posting in the right place but maybe someone can help.

I'm currently using the Field Models where the vast majority of characters are using the Kaldarashas models. Cloud's Field model is using the Dynamic Weapons and looks fine. However, I can't seem to find any option to change Cloud's Field Model whenever he unsheaths his Buster Sword. I think this is considered a seperate model but the mod still loads up his default low poly chibi model.
This model is used in several scenes.
- The scene where the group reach the Shinra HQ for the first time
- When Cloud stands off against Sephiroth in the flashback
- When Cloud goes to kill Aeris at the altar, etc.

I know this is pretty minor but its jarring. Anyone else come across this issue when using the mod, and know of settings (if any) to change this particular model of Cloud?


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