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Hello everybody!

After many problems I have been able to finalize the base of the unused field of "Honey Bee Inn", which consists of three field IDs, the main entrance was undoubtedly the most problematic (onna_1), in the other two I had to do some " fixes ", but they work really well and it's almost a miracle that we can enjoy this on the pc version.

Fix list:

-Layers that were broken by the import of PS1 format, they have worked enough to do this, it is clean, the layers that were broken in onna_1 were fixed by [email protected] (thanks friend!)
-Walkmesh, steps on the sides did not exist, they made the field very orthopedic to move
-Errors of animation, text, windows, scripts, etc.
-Map jumps
-I changed an npc because it was repeated
-Code link so that all events are ready, and more inconsistencies
-Some minor memory changes

Below you have the videos, it is in the original version, also with the graphics in hd.

Links below!

True Honey Bee Inn (English) (HD)

True Honey Bee Inn "Original' (Spanish)

True Honey Bee Inn "HD" (Spanish)


I want to share the honors with [email protected], he solved the problem of the layers that prevented me from working with everything else, also with Satsuki who was in charge of converting those backgrounds into HD, Tsunamods by the FFNx (without forgetting TrueOdin!), Either I forget about Mystare, well you already know that this is my kitchen: P

Mystare (Makou Reactor)

Chibi models (NinoStyle)

Satsuki (Backgrounds HD)

Tsunamods (FFNx)

For the english translation (I love :-\)

Finally, I am thinking that we should be able to play this all, my intention was to add it to my FF7OR project, normally I would not want them to use content before finalizing the project, but this deserves to be added also in the original game.

What do you think?

I'll upload these fields soon, but maybe it would be nice to be able to do it as something more of a "catalog" with the mods for example.

The current progress is 95%,  I shared the content soon, all can play with this tresure :-X

Greetings and thanks!

This is awesome, cloudiar! Very impressive work! I can't wait to try it out. Will it work for all language versions?

Exactly, I will publish both versions in English and Spanish, for other languages ​​they will have my permission to modify if it is for the original version 97/Steam, if someone wants to install it manually (I would have to link the others fields in those cases).

Obviously this content will also be included in my own #FF7OR remake project, coming soon, and will include the correct field links.

I also want Satsuki to use this content for her huge work with all hd backgrounds, Tsunamods will receive this too, for future versions, remasters, this team is really serious.

Sega Chief has not asked me, but he also has my permission to use it on NT, although we are very different projects this guy works hard, and he has also helped me with technical details, he deserves it.

To add this in other mods please contact me, I'm already tired of things being copied / stolen as a rule.

I am not willing for some to use this project with anything, I only accept serious projects.

I hope I explained myself decently, sorry for the English.

Luigi Brosse:
Looks really nice!

Hey Cloudiar this looks really cool but the English translation is a little bit off, for example we say heh heh or Ha Ha for laughing instead of je je, also a few other grammar issues but it's not that bad your English is much better than my Spanish. Also what is FF7OR, do you have a video or description I could read or watch? Thanks and great work!


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