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--- Quote from: -Ori on 2022-02-19 06:13:00 ---Cloudiar contacted me in private and I sincerely apologize for this entire thread's contents.  Its wasn't completely motivated by it, but I indeed let the private incident mentioned at the beginning spillover into public, which was completely unnecessary.

and to clarify I never did think Cloudiar and/or Turboss were trying to maliciously trick anybody, just that due to circumstances that was the end result of what happened - regardless that information shouldnt even be here

Now I need to go watch the legendary football coach Herm Edward's speech titled "Don't Press Send"

--- End quote ---

We should have done that from the first moment, but now that no longer matters

We are going to continue with the real topic, I hope that once it is published you can enjoy it, I am sorry for the detail that started this, the translation, but it is understandable that I get angry because they compare my English with that of my friend, who also does not like the game, it's just a gift he gave me for everyone

Moved the thread to correct section, feel free to contact us to move it again when the mod is released.


I hope to see your work integrated in other popular mods once it is complete !

Thanks for this.


Thread locked.


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