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What kind of enhancements are you planning to do?

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to anti-alias the backgrounds and fix the palette problems, but here are some other ideas:

1.) Per-pixel lighting
2.) Particle effects in battle
3.) If necessary, a system to convert the vertex graphics to texture maps. This could help with things like eyes.
4.) Turn some effects into lights
5.) PSF support
6.) PSX Video Support
7.) Fix the automatic 256 color problem with movies
8.) MP3 support

Other less practical but cool ideas:

1) Bump mapping
2) Make it mod friendly
3) Make mod tools

Look at the readme sticky above. Let's work on geting something to execute as a refrernce first. Then it's open source and anyone's game.

I don't want to loose the forest from the trees.

It seems to me that analog gamepad support would be a nice feature. It would completely eliminate the need for a run button for the select few.

To prevent this from becoming a closed forum, READ THE STICKY.
I repeat READ THE STICKY POST first.

Thank you for your interest.


I did read it, but what is the relevence of that to this?

Anyway, is there a way for me to use CVS instead of subversion?


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