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How about OGRE3D?

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OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) cross-platform 3D engine written in C++

It may be good idea to switch to this graphic engine because it already implement features that we need to do anyway, such as camera and particle. I dont think I can handle all 3d work as I'm really not good at it. This engine was written by professionals and many real game use it. We have great posibilities if we use it =)

That sounds like a good idea, if you can get OGRE set up in Dev-C++.

Well if you do run into any roadblocks with OGRE or your own 3D engine the forum at has a lot of great resources.  Everything from DirectX programming, OGRE 3D, to post production.  They are even starting forum classes, the first one being an intro into C++.  I've seen a lot of cool projects come from the OGRE engine.  The "Your Announcements" section previews many of the current projects with free demos.  From just looking at the OGRE wiki, it looks as though it has many of today's top notch visual features as well.

I'm not sure if that is a good idea or bad idea... hmmm :D

First if we tie ourselves into one engine, then we are tied to that one engine. (DOH!)

How about we use an interface class, just the same as we used for the File System  (I've been trying to get subversion working all day.. LOL)
Essentially we EXPORT data generically to whatever system the classes are designed for.

// add characters too the battle scene
BattleModelType *Character;
// tell the battle model it's Character1 (IE the first character in the party)
Character = new BattleModelType(Character1);
// Set the engine for the character to put data into
// Quake3 engine or OGRE for example
Character->Engine = BattleSceneEngine;
// load character data and convert to an internal format
// convert this model data into the battle scene engine
OR something like that .. that is a bit over simplified obviously.

You will have to use OGRE in orthogonal mode for field scenes. This is because backgrounds have no perspective correction since they are 2d layers.  The perspective correction will need to be done at some interval to scale the models correctly.  In the Battle Scnes perspective correction can be used because these are wholely 3d.

In any case the field scenes will be hard to display in OGRE or Q3's engine.  In OpenGL you can switch the mode as you draw so using our own engine would work just fine in that case.

I suggest worrying about the 3d stuff a bit later really because we aren't even close to that part yet.


What do you mean that it would be hard? You can use glOrtho for the field, and then use your standard drawing for the models.

Or, push a new projection matrix on the stack and then pop it when you want the models.


I forgot to mention you may have to turn of the clipping plane when drawing the backrounds.


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