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Subversion and that initial Checkout


Ok I got the bloody thing to compile eventually (mutter) however I do have a small problem
First Sourceforge tells me to use this to get Q-Gears
svn co
svn: SSL is not supported
The only problem is Sourceforge doesn't use SSL here.. OK
now I try this
svn co q-gears
Which returns..
svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svnroot/q-gears'
svn: PROPFIND of '/svnroot/q-gears': 301 Moved Permanently ( q-gears

All right some clear information for the just playing with SVN might be good now ;)
svn co doesn't do a whole lot either LOL.

So I would like to see what we are doing to check things out.. because
1) my windows box died again (I think it's the MB killing my hard disks  :? ).
2) I throught at first I miscompiled subversion.. brain must engage
3) using the exact commands given by sourceforge doesn't work... so it might be good to be sure everyone knows.. (I guess)
4) Yes I did read how to get subversion from the book.

I can't see what I was doing wrong.. so it's probably something so simple it's ludicris :D


I had this same problem on Mac OS X when I compiled subversion.  I had to ./configure again using --with-ssl.  Everything worked fine after that.

Well I figured it out..
Just in case someone gets this error like moi... be certain when you compile svn you know where you installed it :D
I had 2 versions of svn installed and the older uglier variant was the problem.
I did compile it with --prefix=/usr --with-ssl  before you sugested it however... it wouldn't work because a prior abuse had installed it as /usr/local for the prefix. (duh)



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