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The 'Why' Eclipse thread


I mentioned this a while ago, and I suppose I'll mention it again, I believe it might be wise choice to use Eclipse for the IDE in this project.

1) It operates/supports multiple platforms.  IE Windows MAC Linux SunSparc Cray3... etc.
2) It can (if you so choose) manage the makefile for us IE set the makefile up without getting ourselves involved in mangleing it all the time (halkun would probably appreciate this feature the most :D)
3) You can update the IDE from the IDE, with that handy Help->Software Updates feature!
4) Automatic compile when you save ( see your screwups RIGHT AWAY! ;) ), and other helpful program assistance (structure completion etc)
5) plugins, if we need some tool to help developement, Eclipse can do it.  IE new content compilation etc.  So if we want to play the "ADD" things for game usage we can still use the SAME IDE with new plugins.  It can support multiple languages (Java Python C C++ are some of the current ones it supports in the editor). 
6) relatively painless too install (this was my biggest surprise under Linux).
7) Integrates into GDB for debugging purposes (requires the plugin of course).
8) Integrates into GCC for compiling with options for target though I am trying to see how much control there really is.  I know the SDK for Palm nukes your x86 gcc tool chains under windows but this might be a 'palm'ism.

1) It's not small.  It's a few megs to download the basic package however to get the CDT etc.  It takes a while to get it all installed.
2) It's not fast. It's a Java application as it was originally written in Java for developing Java applications. Under linux it's a bit pokey, it's hardly noticeable under windows to be honest.
3) It doesn't have a subversion plugin yet  :cry:
4) It takes getting use to and isn't {insert name}'s favorite rubber ducky.   :roll:
5) Palm SDK and multiple platform tool chains are still in the works.  That is switching between compiling for windows linux or a palm from the same IDE is not as simple as changing the target.  This is about the worst problem I can think of!  :-o
6) For C++ it doesn't have a handy reference for various common objects templates and functions in C++ or C, I don't know if this can be added since Eclipse orientation appears to be narcicistic  :-D

Anyhow... to promote maintainability and make things kind of sort of the same.. that's my suggestion.



--- Quote from: Cyberman on 2006-05-21 22:39:45 ---3) It doesn't have a subversion plugin yet  :cry:

--- End quote ---
Actually, there's one : Subclipse

You can get it via the Update Manager using the URL (the installation process is detailed in the link just above). I have it at work for a Java project, it's really easy to use 8-)

I'm trying to get autoconf set up. (I'm still learning how it works... It's a little.... complex)

This should fix some of the cross-platfrom headaches.


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