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FF7Voice / Game script Release
« on: 2012-03-15 20:57:41 »

I will in all likelyhood never get back to the FF7Voice project so I figured I'd release the files I worked on for the whole community to use.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory but it's not a complete dump as only the text we wanted to voice was kept.  As a result, alot of the useless NPC text was removed.

Still, this might be a useful guide and it follows a pretty much chronological order so it might be helpful for some projects.  Every line has been placed in its proper field file and is labelled with its dialog ID.

I will be deleting this file from my computer shortly however so when the link goes dead, it'll be the end of it so I'd reccomend you get it now.

I'll let the people managing the wiki decide if they feel this could be a useful addition or not.

PS : Use this as you see fitbut please credit all who were invovled in creating this script : Ficedula, for writting the proof of cpncept dumping program
Dziugo, for writting the actual software that would have voiced the game and that was used for battle text
Tsetra/Psychlonic, for the script for very early parts of the game
Revenile, for the script of 1 or 2 chapters
Prince Lex, for dumping about half the game
Squall78 as this would not have been possible without the program Loveless
DLPB for providing world map text (unsure if it is included in the final version)
Myself for dumping the 2nd half of the game and scripting and editing pretty much the whole of it.

FF7Voice / Project has started!
« on: 2011-07-02 20:08:32 »
Just wanted to give a small status update.

The director has started receiving the recordings from some VA's for the first part of the game.  What I've heard so far is extremely good quality so this bodes very well for the future.

Once we have every actor's lines for a scene, they'll be sent to the sound edtior to be cleaned up and normalized and they'll be inserted into the game by myself.

We'll release our progress as youtube dubs as we move forward.

The sound pack and application release will be done when the game is completed as it'll have allowed us to put Dizugo's program through its pace, tweak it where needed and release an actual useable installer instead of a dev release.

FF7Voice / FF7 Voice Auditions
« on: 2011-04-30 16:51:40 »
Hi all.

I wanted to point out the revival of the FF7Voice Project with a new audition for the Bombing Mission.

Please see the following thread for further details :

PS : Please don't post in this thread but post on the one in the ff7voice forum instead.

FF7Voice / FF7 Voice Audition Thread
« on: 2011-04-30 16:46:20 »
Update : In order to have a more professionnal sounding mod, auditions have been moved to :**-CASTING-CALL-EPISODE-1-**.  Rules have also slightly been altered.  All are free to apply.

It's finally here, first part of the project!

FF7Voice is a patch to apply Voice-Overs in FF7. The patch works by intercepting the dialog calls of the game and playing the appropriate recorded line from the protected sound archive. The original concept of FF7Voice was suggested by FF7Heart and a proof of concept was put together by Ficedula and perfected by Dziugo.

A full game script was produced for the game by Marc with the help of Tsetra, Revenile and Prince Lex.  Our recording will be based on that script and it contains every line by dialog ID and field location in the game as well as battle ID and movie name and timing.  DPLB also gave us the list of all of the world map text thanks to his retranslation project.  Recording will take place starting with major events of the game and working down from them in order of importance.

A test will be held on the bombing mission to see if a group recording method is the best way to do things.  The bombing missions has a limited numbers of lines and characters so it should do for a good test under Mumble, a free group voice chat software that has good voice quality and allows for multicast recording.  Group recording comes with its own set of advantages/disadvantages, namely that all Voice Actors involved in a scene meet for a few hours all at the same time, and we want to test to see if it is a better way of doing things than recording individual lines on our own as is the norm.  Should this test fail, the recording process will be done in the standard way of recording lines each on our own with a set deadline and sending them in to the director for revisions/sound processing.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the line below as well as your contact info (name, e-mail, phone number) schedule and anything else you'd like to add.  If your schedule will change within the year, please state it and say how it will change as best as possible.  Deadline for initial round of auditions is May 13th at 23:59 PST so please hjave your files submitted by then.

We will be casting roles for scenes as they become needed.  Right now, the following roles are available :

Age: 21
Hometown: Nibelheim
Weapon: Buster Sword
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Blood Type: AB+

The main character of Final Fantasy VII. Originally a member of SOLDIER, he is now a mercenary who will take any job. After being hired by AVALANCHE, he gradually gets caught up in a massive struggle for the life of the planet. His enormous sword can cut almost anything in two.

Audition Lines :
“I don't care what your names are.  Once this job's over…I'm outta here.”
“I'm not here for a lecture.  Let's just do it.”
“Come on‚let's get outta here!”

Kid Cloud
Cloud's conflicted inner voice represented by Cloud as a 7 years old.  His role will become clear later in the game.

Auditions Line :
Watch out!  This isn't just a reactor!!

Age: 35
Hometown: Corel Village
Weapon: Gun-arm
Height: 6 ft 05 in 1/2 (1.97 m)
Blood Type: O

Head of the underground resistance movement, AVALANCHE. He's fighting the mega-conglomerate, Shinra, Inc. which has monopolized Mako energy, building special reactors to suck it out of the planet. Barret depends on brute strength and his "Gun-arm" to see him through. His wife died in an accident several years ago, and he now lives with his daughter Marlene.

Audition Lines :
“The hell you all doin'!?  I thought I told you never to move in a group!”
“Ex-SOLDIER‚huh?  I don't trust ya!”
“When we blow this place‚it ain't gonna   be nothin' more than a hunka junk.”

Jessie, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VII, and is a member of AVALANCHE, together with Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Tifa. She is a very caring person, who tries to get to know Cloud, and keeps the other AVALANCHE members in line.

Audition Lines :
“SOLDIER? Aren't they the enemy?”
“Code deciphered”

Biggs is a minor characters in Final Fantasy VII. He's a member of AVALANCHE under Barret Wallace. Biggs cares about the people around him. He is not a fighter and instead work in the technological areas of AVALANCHE's attacks.

Audition Lines :
“Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER, huh? …Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE.”
“Code deciphered”

Wedge is a minor characters in Final Fantasy VII. He's a member of AVALANCHE under Barret Wallace. Wedge cares about the people around him. Wedge, being the weakest-seeming of the group, looks up to Cloud. He is not a fighter and instead work in the technological areas of AVALANCHE's attacks.

Audition Line :

Computer Voice
Reactor's Automated Security System.

Audition Line :
"Ten minutes to detonation!"

Looking forward to hearing your work!

Hey all

If you've been following our progress, you've noticed there hasn't been much.

Unfortunately, that's because of a slew of reasons, one of them being that some voice actors have lost interest.

As such, we're giving this project a big push and opening a casting call for a bunch of major roles, the most notable being Cloud!

We'll be careful to avoid some of the pitfalls we've encountered in the past and we're going to be changing the way we do things to try and get this done ASAP.

First of all, we're going to switch from a scene based format to individual roles.  That means everyone will be responsible for their own success or failure.  The roles will also be more intensive in order for us to finish and to minimize the number of dropouts.  So we'll be asking chosen voice actors to record 50 lines a week, 5 voice actors at a time (for a total of 250 lines per week).  That's quite a lot but that means that people voicing roles will be finished with their roles in a matter of weeks instead of in a year.  That way, if people only have to record lines for a month or so, there's less chance of them dropping out.

That sound much worse than it is for most characters involved however as you'll be receiving the whole game script when you're cast and NPC's and EXTRAS won't be up until 2-3 months so NPC's will effectively have 2-3 months to record between 50 to a 100 lines.

We'll ask people to record the set of lines we've chosen and mail them to [email protected].

You can view more details at :

Available roles are :


Lucrecia - Long lost love of a party member - sad - mid 30's
Zack - War Buddy of hero - early 20's - country folk
Bugenhagen - wise and old, 140 years old
Shera - "girlfriend" of a party member, takes his abuse, feels ashamed, smart - late 30's
Palmer - Shinra Executive, fat and goofy - early 70's
Godo - once proud man, now broken - father of party member - deep voiced - early 50's

Kotch - henchman, 30's
Johnny - shy man, 20's
Zangan - martial arts master, 60's
Tifa's Father - man, 40's
Priscilla - carefree young girl
Priscilla's Father - worried man, 40's
Cloud's mom - vibrant woman, 40's
choco bill - old man, 70's, country folk
choco billy - young boy, somewhat of hustler, country folk
Chole - young girl, country folk
Mukki - bodybuilder with strong gay innuendos, 40's
Ester - strong woman. country folk, 50's
Mr Coates - black man, 30's
Joe - man, country folk, 40's
Holzoff - man, 70's
Gorkii - man, 30's
Shake - kid
Chekhov - woman, 30's
Staniv - weapon master

We'll also be looking for many EXTRAS. Here's a quick sample of some of them (many are missing). Don't apply just for one extra. We'll ask VA's to do many of them.

Fort Condor Guard
Father at fort condor (old man)
Son at fort condor (lookout)
Lower Junon innkeeper (old woman)
Shinra Manager (in train)
Guidebook Old geezer
Kalm Hotel Clerk (male)
Son of general store owner in nibel (long letter)
Nibel Inn Clerk (male)
Junon TV Producer (shinra parade)
Junon Assistant Director (shinra parade)
Costa Del Sol Hotel Manager
Sinra Villa Realtor (male - sleezy)
Hojo's beach bimbo
Old Man in Corel Mountain Path
Corel Village Elder
Gold Saucer Gondola Ticket lady
Assaulted lady at battle arena
Gold Saucer Guard
Sailor (male)
Chocobo (wark!)
10-15 Shinra Soldiers & Officers
General citizens (10 males, 5-6 females)

People who want only to voice extras are welcome but we'll ask you to voice more than one. Backups actors will also voice alot of these as well as Minor NPC. There might be Minor NPC missing in the list above although we've tried to be as thorough as possible. Missing roles will be voiced by the VA's already in the project.


I need to find the frame info for the ff7 movies.

I usually use VirtualDubMod for these things but it doesn't read TM20 codec files as its not a directshow codec and even though I've found a way to make WMP play frame by frame, it doesn't display frame numbers which makes it kind of useless.

Doing it by time elapsed x 15 frames/second is a bit too imprecise it since some timing has to be precise.

I've done a quick search on the forums but all of the threads only speak about decoders such as ffdshow and not players who could handle the movie along with the frame info.

Troubleshooting / FF7 Battle text
« on: 2009-02-24 16:20:59 »
Hey guys

I'd like to know if there's an utility to scan for all battle text quickly for ff7, namely for battle dialog (ex: guard scorpion in scene 82).

The only utility I currently know of that can do this is scene edit by M4v3r (once files are extracted with scene reader) but we need to open each scene file individually and look under each enemy under the script editor for the opcode 93 (Load String) for the argument that is the displayed text.  Going through the whole game this way would most likely take 100+ hours as each scene as over a 100 lines of code and there over 256 scene files with multiple enemies in each.

Is there another utility that could read the battle text more easily (or at least do a mass scene.bin search for occurrences of opcode 93) ?

There also are some artifacts in the text under scene edit (probably window and color codes I assume ?).

General Discussion / Hidden members
« on: 2009-02-14 18:32:23 »
I was just wondering where the option to change active status would be.

I used to be hidden under the phpbb boards and that seems to have carried over to this one.  However, I can't find the option to change it back to normal under smf.

Legacy option ?

Troubleshooting / FF7 Voice-Over - playthrough request
« on: 2008-09-22 03:08:20 »
Hey guys

I'm working on updating the script for ff7 so we can record the lines using the proper game text.

Part of the way to do that is to play through the game to get the lines.

However, my time is a bit limited lately so I'm looking for an extra hand.

If somebody could play through the game having a text logger running and send me the log file, I could add the missing info from that by messing with the field files.

It's very easy.  We have a software I'll send you that catches all text of the game along with the name of the screen you're on (field name) which you need to run before you start ff7.  After that, just play through the game and when you're done send me the log file so I can dig further in loveless.

It's not hard at all and shouldn't take you any longer than a normal playthrough.  I've already done from the huge materia sidequest up until the end of the game so it's only needed from the beggining until mid-disc 2.

Anyone interested ?


I've got a system on my hands that has an issue that leaves me slightly puzzled.

It stopped booting.

The power LED lights up in front of the case and on the motherboard inside the case but that's it.  The fans don't spin up and the computer doesn't seem to even try to initiate POST.  I swapped the power supply for another one I had lying around thinking it might be the issue but the same problem occurs.

I'm thinking it must be a motherboard failure of some sort, perhaps a circuit leading to the CPU fried, but power still reaches parts of the motherboard anyway since both LED's light up.

Anybody has any thoughts ?

FF7Voice / Important note for game script staff
« on: 2008-06-29 15:53:14 »
This one is for whoever will be participating to the game script.

The software to play the sounds bites should use a detection scheme based on field name.  These are the 6 or 7 letters and numbers that identify each area in loveless (ex: acnt3).

That info would need to be included in the game script each time a new screen loads because if it is not there, somebody is going to have to go through all 754 field files AGAIN to re-identify what lines goes in what field.  Loveless already provides that info.

Thank you.

PS : An example of what I mean is this (field changes are in italic) :

Changed location: mtcrl_2
None – Shinra Guard
You guys are...
Guess we're safe for now...
Cait Sith
Wha...what is it, what is it?
Looks like they're takin' off with the Huge Materia in that train!
NO! You damn boneheads!
Did the Shinra beat us!?
What are ya gonna do!?   Huge Materia!?
Cait Sith're not thinking about giving up...
...shall we pursue?
Hey, do you know who I am?
I'm Cid - that's who the hell I am! Now just let me handle it!
Hey, hey, hey, hey---!
Changed location: zcoal_1
How can they even drive this?
It sure helped having Cid here.   I had no idea he could drive a train...
Pretty good for an old guy. I'm impressed you can move this thing!
Cait Sith
Way to go, Mister! You used to drivin' this thing too?
I'm impressed. You can drive this too?
Don't ask me... I don't know!
What!?   You serious!?
Cait Sith
Huh?  What'd you just say!?
Don't worry! I can handle this!
Two levers: one on the right and one on the left...
I see, just alternate the two levers up and down, right!?
Judging from the enemy's speed, I'd say it'll take about 10 minutes.
We're gonna fly!! Hold on tight!!
All right! We're gonna jump!!
Sorry! I couldn't catch them!
Oh sh*t! We're gonna crash into North Corel!
Changed location: zcoal_3
None – Shinra Train driver/guard
What the? guys!
All right--- Hand over the Huge Materia!
None – Train driver
None – Train driver
You got guts comin' after me!
I'll never forget you!
No time for that now!
We got it going,   but how do we stop it?
Forget the Huge Materia, WE'RE the ones in deep trouble!
Cait Sith
What are we gonna do?   We killed the engineer!
Hit the brakes, Chief.
I KNOW, already! Just shut up and sit tight! If we keep this up, we'll crash right into North Corel!
Let's see... If we use the levers alternately to accelerate...
It should stop if we move the levers up or down simultaneously!
Hey, it's not working!
Isn't it...the other way?
We're gaining speed!
Cait Sith
Hey-------WAIT!   ...other way, other way, other way!
What are you doin', accelerating!?
F*ck! The other way!? Just watch, I'll...
Hey...HEY HEY!!
Get serious, you OLD MAN!!
Cait Sith
Changed location: ncorel3
None – Corel Citizen
You sure are brave. I'm impressed!
None – Corel Citizen
You guys are really something!
None – Corel Citizen
Aren't you the ones that stopped the Shinra Train?
None – Corel Citizen
The Shinra was just about to destroy our lives again...
None – Corel Citizen
It might be full of junk, but this is the only home we got, Barret!!
Of...of course! We're all born and raised in the coal mines!!
No matter how tough it gets, our hearts burn bright red like coal!
None – Corel Citizen
To hell with Meteor! We're Coal Miners, ain't we?
None – Corel Citizen
We'll dig a deep tunnel and hide from the Meteor!
None – Corel Citizen
That's it!
None – Corel Citizen
To you it may be a junk yard, but to us its home.
None – Corel Citizen
Must've been a horrific battle. You have scars all over your body.
None – Corel Citizen
I already talked to the Inn's owner. Today you can rest for free.
None – Corel Citizen
Hey, kid! How about givin' somethin' to these guys fighting' the Shinra?
None – Corel kid
I got it out of the well. Isn't it an amazing rock!!
None – Corel kid
Whoops... You can't hold any more.
None – Corel kid
Here, I'll keep some in my pocket and you can come by later and get it, OK?

edit : disregard this post for now.  It's going to be modified to reflect the new program once the input method is final.

Archive / How to run the bike chase scene at normal speeds
« on: 2004-03-30 03:39:57 »
I was playing the game through (yet again) and I remembered something about an older game.  Back when I used to have a p200, I wanted to play Ultima 7 but my system was too fast so I had to use an utility to slow down my system.  So I thought it could be used to slow down the bike chase scene in ff7.  So after looking around I found a neat little app called CPU Killer located at which is shareware.  It can be used for free for 20 minutes (which is more than enough to play out the bike chase scene) and it works great.  Just wnated to let you guys know since I know that part of the game is one of the major bugs left in the pc version.

Archive / FF7 Soundfont - Which one is the best ?
« on: 2004-03-18 20:42:23 »
I did a little browsing through the posts and I couldn't find a definite answer for this.  I did find a link to 2 soundfonts :

but before installing them I just wanted to know which one worked best for most people : the one bundled with the game (ff7.sf2 and the choir one for the last song), the one from the first site, the one from the second site or another one I missed ?

I know this is a pretty subjective question but which one do you guys like the most ?

Also is there one with the orchetsrated version of Aerith's theme and Main World Theme that sounds good all throughout the game or not ?  I was just wondering.  I'm using win98se btw if that makes any difference since I read there seems to be some problems with ff7 soundfont and xp and I have a sb live! 5.1.

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-10-24 06:16:49 »
I've looked through the forum and I know this has been discussed alot but I still couldn't find anything helpfull.  Some people seem to have gotten it working so I'm figuring it must work so anyway here's my problem :

I've installed the Nvidia patch from the Eidos homepage to enable d3d and bypass the failed 8 bit paletized test and it works fine up to that point.  I can start the game and enter a new game and the vidoes run fine too.  But when the train intro finishes and it switches to the game background instead of the video one, the screen is tiled and there are green lines in between the tiles and on the train texture.  I've disabled d3d aa and aniso in my ati 3,8 detonators cp but it still doesn't fix the problem.  I had already seen the tile issue back on my geforce2 and the eidos guys told me to center my texture in the nividia cp but I don't see that option anywhere in my ati cp so I'm out of ideas.

Any ideas to what more I could do ?  I'm using win98se btw.


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