Author Topic: [FF7PC-98/Steam] FFNx - Next generation modding platform for FF7/FF8  (Read 65561 times)


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Just a shot in the dark, would it be possible with this engine for example to replace the standard exploration scenes that are Pre-rendered 2D backdrops (With a 3D walk mesh) with an entirely real time rendered scene? With the direction FFVIIR is taking, the lack of a modern looking version of the original game has bothered me.

Think of what Diablo 2's recent re-release did by replacing the pre rendered graphics with real time ones.  We'd perhaps simply use the walkmesh as the basis for rebuilding the scene in 3D and match the original camera coordinates to keep the final look 1:1.
I don't know if this would end up speeding up or making it easier to try and match the original pre-rendered look in real time rather than having to try and recreate all of the images and then have to render them offline and cut them up to match the original engine.

Months late reply: This would require making entire new game engine as well as assets.  It may take many years, and if SE notice the project, they can send C&D to devs.